Resume Review
Resume Review
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RESUMES & CVS / AUG 26, 2016

The skills section on your CV can make the hiring manager decide in your favour so long as it is carefully planned. This is how to make it appealing. What every jobseeker needs to succeed is a great CV which will allow them to push forward with their job...

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HIRING / AUG 26, 2016

How’s the job search going? Do you need recruiters to give you some tips? They actually have quite a lot to share! This is everything you need to know! Recruiters hardly ever give jobseekers feedback, but if they did everything would be much different for...

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Is the way you decorate your office having an affect on your productivity? Perhaps it is and you don't realise it! These simple tips could help a lot! We all want to be comfortable in our office—after all; we spend the majority of our days there. But have you...

Stock exchange broker screaming to telephone

Becoming a stockbroker is a good introduction into an extremely exciting, lucrative career in the finance industry! But, is it the right job for you? They have been glorified and vilified in films and T.V. Most recently we saw a movie about one its most...

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Networking is certainly one of the best ways to find a job. However, having a big circle of contacts isn’t enough. You have to use them effectively ! Connecting with other people has benefits that you can’t even begin to imagine, the best of them probably...


Are worried that your job is disappearing and will soon become obsolete? Here are 10 jobs that won't exist in 20 years mainly due to technological advancements. Yes, jobs are disappearing; and it is not because the economy is bad but because our world is...

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LIFESTYLE / AUG 25, 2016

Have you ever considered using Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques to improve your prospects? Maybe it's time! It could really improve your life!  Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is an approach for developing different ways of thinking that can...

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Did you know that thinking like a salesperson can get you a job? This article provides some tricks you can try out. This is the best way to get hired. What do salespeople do when they want to convince people to buy their products? First, they are trying to...

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JOB SEARCH / AUG 24, 2016

If you are a desperate job seeker you’ll probably feel like you should accept any job offer, but should you really? These are ten signs you shouldn’t. Getting a job can be quite hard no matter how dedicated you are to your job search. Competition can be...

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SALARIES / AUG 24, 2016

Some say that Silicon Valley's glory days are far behind it, with other tech hubs popping up all around the world. They still pay pretty well though! Silicon Valley is the uncontested Queen of Tech, it's home to some of the most innovative companies in the...

woman leaning on the back of her chair at the office
FOOD & FITNESS / AUG 24, 2016

Combining full-time work and exercise has never worked out, and it looks like you need to sacrifice one of the two. Or not? Learn how to make it work. Is it possible to stay healthy and fit when working at an office? Well, let’s see. Morning workouts are out...

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HIRING / AUG 23, 2016

Do you want to get on the good side of employers? There are a lot of ways to become a more interesting individual. You need to try out these six tips. You have to give employers a reason to pick you instead of other candidates, and this means, you have to make...

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