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10 Awesome Jobs for People Who Like Travelling

Gone are the days when you had to trade in a suitcase for a briefcase and stay chained to a desk. There are tons of employment opportunities that require frequent travelling. If you are one of those that love to travel, why wait until retirement to explore the world?

Here are 10 job opportunities that allow you to earn handsomely while you are also travelling to different parts of the world.

1. Oceanographer


If travelling in the sea is what you desire and you want to take up an adventurous career, then an oceanographer’s job should excite you. An oceanographer is responsible for laboratory and research work in the ship. You might have to stay away from home for months if you take up this job. But you will enjoy visiting remote places in the ocean.

2. Travelling Nurse


Ever since the time there was shortage of nurses in the United States, the travelling nursing industry came into prospect. Travelling nurses (as the name says), go around the country, sometimes from one zone to another. These are usually temporary positions but you wouldn’t mind it if you are a travel freak. It’s a nice way to explore the country and also get benefited with high pay. Yes, travelling nurses are paid well with other perks too.

3. Athletic Recruiter


In the process of scouting and recruiting athletes, athletic recruiters travel around the country, sometimes around the world. They are usually appointed by colleges and schools for junior levels and by professional sports organizations in case of senior levels. If you are one who loves sports and travelling, there is nothing like an athletic recruiter’s position. You can enjoy the best of both worlds even without being an athlete yourself.

4. Civil Servant


If you are passionate about travelling and patriotic to your country, then a civil servant’s position would best suit you. In the United States alone, there are hundreds of job openings. With more than 250 US embassies globally, you will have lots of opportunities to travel. Other countries like UK, Canada, India, Germany and France also have a big demand for civil servants.

5. Exploration Geologist

Geologists assist the government and resource extraction companies to locate natural resources. This is an exciting job that demands great determination, patience and courage. Resource hunting usually happens in remote places that can sometimes feature unfavorable climate and geographical conditions. You might have to be away from home for long periods.

6. Archeologist

More like a geologist, an archeologist travels around the world to discover and preserve life and artifacts about ancient human cultures. If you take up this job, you may have to travel to different remote regions of the world. That explains why this job can be exciting or challenging depending upon your interest.

7. International Aid Worker


By becoming an international aid worker, you are not only going to travel and make a living, but also make a difference to many people’s lives. The job involves travelling to different countries that are struggling after natural disasters or war. You may have to help residents recover from dire situations. You will have to have a strong interest in social work and a background in the field of agriculture, education or health. By working for international organizations like USAID, you will also enjoy better recognition.

8. Travel Tour Guide


This is one of the happiest positions you can imagine. Travelling along with fellow travel lovers, guiding them all the way and making new friends are some of the exciting aspects about this job. You get an opportunity to travel and talk with a variety of people, lead them through cultural excursions and city sights and more. You will also end up learning many languages. Good communication skills and a pleasing personality are added advantages.

9. Flight Attendant

Everyone knows the roles and responsibilities of a flight attendant. It is an obvious travelling job. However, you don’t really need a specialized degree to take up a career. Major airlines just require prior experience in customer support service and a Federal Aviation Administration certification. What you need to know is - this job isn’t easy. Flexible work hours, difficult travelling conditions and tough customers can test your days at work. What you get in return is the joy of travelling, bonus perks and discounted travelling allowances for you and your family.

10. Au pair

Love to spend time with children? Au pairs usually live in foreign countries with a host family, providing childcare services. Childcare services can mean babysitting, schoolwork assistance and other activities associated with kids. You will be provided with a room and boarding facilities with a salary. You will have a chance to live with new families, experience new cultures and enjoy new environments.  

So, you do not have to spend hours in the office if you do not like being indoor. You can still make a living by doing what you love, in this case - travelling. Happy and safe travelling / working!!


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