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10 Best US Cities for Jobs 2016

Choosing a city to live and work in can be a daunting task, some cities are absolutely beautiful but very expensive, some are cheaper to live in but the job opportunities are slim. So were should a young professional go, where are the best places to work? Well, where the jobs are of course; these are ten of the best cities for jobs.

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1. Bloomington, Indiana

With a high median salary and low cost of living, Bloomington is definitely a place a young professional can call home. It’s also home to Indiana University making it a very educated city.

2. Austin, Texas

Warm weather (subtropical to be exact) and the capital of Texas, Austin offers great amenities for newly graduated job seekers and tons of job openings a year.

3. Raleigh, North Carolina

Another capital city, Raleigh totes a median salary of $50.000 dollars a year with the cost of housing being affordable for most of its inhabitants.

4. Oklahoma City, Oaklahoma

Oklahoma City is the capital of the state, while its also its biggest city. The jobs are a-plenty and the median salary reaches a respectable $38.000. The cost of living is also extremely low with the median home value hovering around 120.000 dollars.

5. Seattle, Washington

The birthplace of the musical movement grunge, Seattle is considered a very liberal and cultural city. Although the weather can be a little grey, Seattle makes up for it with a high median salary and the many, many cultural amenities.

6. Washington D.C.

Home to the U.S. government and lawmakers, Washington D.C. is a go to city for anyone that wants to delve into politics and law. A great city with a vibrant night life, it also boasts the most singles of any city in U.S. Oh, and also the highest median salary if you’re still not convinced.

7. Columbus, Ohio

Right in the middle of the very friendly Midwest, Columbus is bustling metropolis with low housing and rental costs to boot.

8. Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Well, it seems like Texas is the place to be as the annual number of job openings are over 25.000, there’s great weather and great salaries. Housing is little more expensive, but is counter-balanced by higher median salaries.

9. Boston, Massachusetts

Also known as Bean Town although you might not want to call it that in front of a local, Boston is a friendly town with old world charm, with almost 70,000 job openings annually…Go Red Sox.

10. Chicago, Illinois

Another Midwestern town on the list, the Windy City is famous for its love of art, blues and good food. It’s home to many corporate headquarters and enumerates a whopping 124.000+ job openings a year. And let’s be completely honest who can resist a Chicago deep dish pizza and a pitcher of Goose Island Pale Ale?

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Are there any other cities that deserve a place on this list? Let us know in the comment section below!

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