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JOB SEARCH / NOV. 11, 2014
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10 Best Jobs Suited to People with an Artistic Personality

Artistic people work best when they have an environment where they can blossom through a creative outlet. Having that opportunity to creatively express themselves will afford them the satisfaction of doing fulfilling work. This article will discuss the 10 best jobs suited to people with an artistic personality.

1. Writer

A career as a creative or freelance writer or novelist is a good option for an artistic person who is gifted with words. Becoming a novelist is not as financially rewarding early on in your career. However, working as a freelance writer can be more fruitful due to the wide variety of writing opportunities available. Many artistic people are more introverted and can work well alone. Working as a writer caters to this ability to work independently.

2. Advertiser / Marketing Consultant

Advertisers and marketing consultants get to work in a creative field that also combines business know-how. This is another career where artistic individuals can flourish. Advertisers have the opportunity to create content for ads, brochures, websites and radio and TV commercials. Marketing consultants can cultivate the fine balance between meshing a business sense with creativity.

3. Teacher

Teaching is another option for artistic individuals; especially for those who teach music, art and drama. However, teachers in other fields can also cultivate their artistic sides through creative teaching methods and finding innovative ways to help students to grasp and retain knowledge and apply it to their lives. When a teacher is passionate about the subject he or she is teaching, the students can feel that enthusiasm and will better engage in learning.

4. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers work with new and advancing technologies as they tap into their creative side to create expressive designs for various advertising in magazines and online. These individuals need to understand new and emerging graphic design programs while incorporating an artistic vision. In addition to utilizing computers, laptops and tablets, graphic designers also need to know how to draw freehand.

5. Landscaper

In the landscape architect profession, artistic individuals have the opportunity to bring their creativity into the outdoors. Designing and planning a beautiful and peaceful outdoor area can bring great satisfaction to an artistic person. An added bonus is that the landscaper incorporates the design with natural elements in the outdoor environment.

6. Interior Designer

An individual working in the interior design field combines creativity, organization, function and decoration into one specific design. Artistic people can bring their creative flair in conjunction with cultivating a functional space. These designers bring the vision in their mind to paper (or electronic program) and then to the environment.

7. Artist / Illustrator

Working as an artist is a great opportunity for an artistic person, who is gifted in painting, drawing, carpentry, charcoal, watercolor or new media art. Artists can work for themselves and seek to have their artwork showcased and up for sale or they can be commissioned for specific artwork. Illustrators create artwork for books, magazines, websites and other online advertising.

8. Film Director

Another option for artistic people who are interested in film and new media is to become a film director. Such a position can be artistically satisfying as it also offers the opportunity for the director to bring his or her own unique perspective to the film. The director must also have the ability to combine a business sense to the position as it pertains to budgeting, scheduling filming and time management.

9. Actor

If the artistic person has always been drawn to drama class or the desire to act and play different parts, becoming an actor could be a viable option. However, the decision cannot be based purely on the individual’s artistic personality. It also needs to be based on reality and the fact that not every new actor makes it big immediately.

10. Architect

An architect has to combine an artistic flair with knowledge of mathematical figures. Such a position will enable the artistic person to tap into his or her creative side and visualize how the entire structure will turn out and how to build it. One of the areas where an architect can truly show an artistic flair is on the façade of the building.


An individual with an artistic personality has a wide variety of employment opportunities to choose from when deciding on a career path that is both fulfilling and engaging. In many of these fields, the artistic person must combine creativity with a strong sense of detail, organization and a business sense.

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