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10 Celebrities Who Went Bankrupt

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1. Mike Tyson
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The former Heavyweight Champion filed for bankruptcy in 2004 after reportedly being $23 million in debt. Guess he throws a punch just as well as he throws his money.

There’s always that slight feeling of regret and remorse when we decide to splurge on a holiday or a fancy meal, especially during this economically uncertain time. You should become less obsessed or frightened of the occasional spree because at least you’re not stooping as low as these celebrities who have filed for bankruptcy.

You’ll be shocked to discover that the following famous faces have gone from riches-to-rags. The days of swimming in dosh are over and the hard-times have risen. Whether it be an unnecessary blow-out of cash on luxury items or simply due to irresponsibility of finances, these celebrities have unfortunately gone from bank to broke.

It becomes comforting knowing that your overspending is a minor issue compared to these red-faced stars.

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