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10 Christmas Gadgets That'll Keep Giving All Year Round

We all love getting gifts and giving is extremely rewarding but can be a royal pain in the red pants if you’re not very creative. If you have a family member, friend or significant other to purchase for, these cool little gadgets and collectables might inspire you.

1. Christmas with a bang

Ornaments are usually more “Jingle Bells” and a lot less “Anarchy in the U.K.” These grenade ornaments, though, are a little more punk rock than your mom’s porcelain angels. An added bonus is that when you buy an eight pack of these explosive gifts you will also be making a donation to Ctrl.Alt.Shift’s cause against global conflict. Put a bang in your holidays here.

2. Twisted Christmas

If you think that all Christmas decorations are just too cutesy and sweet then check out Todd McFarlane’s Twisted Christmas figurines. A little bit more disturbing that a fat man dressed in red, sliding down your chimney and eating your cookies. Purchase your own scary Santa here.

3. Christmas Mug jumper

You want your friends and family too enjoy their mulled wine, cocoa or cinnamon latte hot without the chance of them being permanently disfigured from a blazing hot mug. This cute little sweater for your mug will keep your drink warm and your fingers cool. Just don’t attempt to but it on your Guiney Pig; they hate sweaters. Keep it toasty here.

4. Lights for the Lazy

Do you have a relative that would become one with the couch if it was possible? Or maybe a friend that partakes in some recreational psycadelics? The perfect gift for them would be these wireless LED Candle Christmas tree lights. The remote allows you to turn them on off and dim them. They won’t have to leave their couch to add a bit of holiday spirit to the room! Save them some energy here.

5. Keep the beats cool and their ears warm

If you have someone you love (or at least tolerate) and they’re avid skiers, then these headphones/ear muffs will be the perfect gift. Available in a couple of hipster-licious flavors these muffs will make you cold weather cool. Pump up the beats here.

6. Santa keeps your phone safe

Do you have an ironic hipster friend that’s never satisfied with the all too mainstream gift options? Well then this 3D formed Santa Claus iPhone case would be perfect. The only ironic thing about it is that he’ll have to use it in July. Keep your friend ironic here.

7. Petal comic book ornaments

Do you have someone in life that is socially inept shut-in? Well if they like comic books the Petal ornaments will fit their lifestyle perfectly! Keep that comic-phile happy here.

8. Capture a moment and then give it away

With all the excitement of Christmas eve and Christmas morning you’ll have to spend a whole day sorting deleting and printing pictures. You could also us the Polaroid Z2300 Instant Print Camera. It also stores your photos digitally so if you give it to someone over 50 it’ll confuse the heck out of them! Let the confusion begin here.

9. For the social media freak

Narrative is a mini clip on camera that takes a 5MP picture every thirty seconds. If you have a friend that post pics of their food and then of the resulting B.M. then this will be the perfect gift for them. Just remember to unfriend them before you give it to them. Help your friend spam your facebook here [302 from http://getnarrative.com/cart].

10. Christmas themed USB jewelry

Last and most Christmasy of all are these little jewels (get it jewels? Because its jewelry. Never mind, you guys are no fun at all). With retractable USB dongle (and yes I used that as an excuse to say dongle because it sounds dirty). Purchase your own wearable dongle.

Do you have gifts ideas that might help an uncreative shlub like me? Then get on the comment train below and let us know!

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