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10 Crowdsourcing Tools For Superior Business Solutions


Solving business related problems has gotten easier and less time consuming thanks to crowdsourcing.

Crowdsourcing is the act of finding a solution for an internal business concern, externally. In strategic planning, this usually includes exposing the problem to a large audience for deep collaboration.

Research and development consumes the following resources that companies are careful not to waste: time, manpower and money. Crowdsourcing is great because it encourages the involvement of consumers. Additionally, it allows you to go directly to the source (audience) instead of taking the long way around. As a result, less testing is needed and companies are able to take immediate action.

Still not convinced that crowdsourcing works? Below are 10 useful tools that can help you start a crowdsourcing campaign.

 1. 99 Designs

99 Designs is an online community that offers logo and web design solutions. The features of the crowdsourcing tool includes experienced individuals who have a reputation for delivering quality services. The website allows people to launch a contest and choose a design from a batch of entries.

 2. Poptent

Poptent offers personalized video services for Fortune 500 companies. The tool gives top level businesses access to a range of talented individuals. It also allows the audience to work with branded companies, which can open up new opportunities for future projects.

 3. Chaordix

At the moment, Chaordix is one of the most popular crowdsourcing tools with high profile clients such as IBM, A&A and P&G. The company provides crowdsourcing strategies designed to extract key information from a target audience. They also guide their clients in formulating effective business solutions through data collection.

 4. Flickr Creative Commons

Creative Commons is an online platform for artists who want to display their photos for purchase or contribution. This is a great alternative for companies that are not interested in spending large amounts of money in hiring a photographer to build a database of pictures.

 5. UTest

UTest’s core crowdsourcing platform is mobile app testing alternatives. Their services allow companies to do heavy testing on their applications before it is launched for consumer consumption. Companies such as Google, NetFlix, Amazon and Box have all used UTest as a tool to reach a wider audience for their testing needs.

 6. Banjo

Banjo is an application that allows individuals to crowdsource news from a variety of references and origins. The highlight of the tool is the ability to find local news and integration with social media. This can provide different insights and angles about the same report or event.

 7. Facebook Groups

Facebook groups can be used to collect and process information for a set audience. Because Facebook is a well-recognized platform, businesses can easily search for key prospects, launch surveys within the online community and receive feedback in real-time.

 8. Fiverr

Fiverr is a collection of professionals who provide quick solutions for $5. The online crowdsourcing platform exploded as a hub for logo designs, SEO, web design, advertising, content and surveys. The company’s platform is friendly and takes a transparent approach towards client feedback and rating.

 9. PollDaddy

PollDaddy is a comprehensive crowdsourcing tool for surveys and polls. Top brands such as BBC, Nokia, Forbes and Microsoft are just some of the businesses that use PollDaddy for planning, forecasting, collecting data and generating reports.

 10. PatternTap

PatternTap is a community that consists of interface designers. Businesses can find creative alternatives to web design problems including 404 pages, breadcrumbs, footers and navigation. The crowdsourcing tool is great for companies that are looking for a variety of minimalistic designs.

Which crowdsourcing tool is your favorite? Let us know what you think. 

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