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WORKPLACE / OCT. 22, 2014
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10 Great Tracks to Pump up Your Team

Your annual conference is drawing near.  You’re not looking forward to it - job cuts are looming, sales are not performing well, and your team are demotivated.  What you really need from them is a “Bring it on!” fight-back.  Here are some tracks to get them pumped up, raring to go, and ready to set the foundation for a new beginning. Whether you play these at the start or at the end of your conference/meeting,  your audience will leave happy (or happier). Just make sure you don’t dance onto that conference stage – it’s unlikely win you any cool points.

 Run the World - Beyoncé

With the opening lyrics, "Girls,we run this motha, yeah!"you’ll get the whole of your team on their feet,  dancing to this electrifying song by Queen Bey (especially the girls, who’ll want to not just dominate your market, but run the world, too).

Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes


That baseline. This track ticks every motivational box in the book - even a seven nation army won’t be able to hold your team back once they’ve listened to this song.

Break On Through To The Other Side - The Doors


You see, you have what it takes to deal with whatever life throws at you. All you have to do is, “break through” to the other side. Wonderful.

Start Me Up - Rolling Stones


This song was used by Microsoft for their 1995 Windows marketing campaign. A classic - this song is truly motivational, and the guitar is amazing.

Block Rockin’ Beats - Chemical Brothers


One of my favourites - this track will get your team in a “we’re –awesome- and- we’re-ready-for-you” spirit. A true ‘pump ‘em up track’.

Wake Up - Arcade Fire


Arcade Fire’s songs are usually very emotionally affecting and this one is no exception. If this song doesn’t get your team stirred up, nothing will.

Finest Worksong- REM


Bring it on! Well that’s how you’ll feel after you’ve listened to this brilliant, fists-pumping track by REM. The guitar is sublime.

 Proud - Heather Small

Small’s exhortation to us to “search for the hero inside” is always a conference winner. Her big, belting ballads and earnest lyrics will inspire and reinvigorate even the most hardened employees.

Simply the best - Tina Turner


 When you’ve worked hard for little reward, and you’re then told that you’re “Simply the Best”, everything suddenly seems OK again, doesn’t it?

Jump - Van Halen


With lyrics that start with: "I get up, and nothin’ gets me down", this is a motivational winner. A reliable, time honoured classic.

Music is a wonderful and  powerful motivational tool that can elicit strong emotional responses in people. Music has been scientifically proven to  change  the way we perceive the world, and can influence our mood and our mindset.  These motivational songs will energise your team and help to lift up their spirits as a result of their up- tempo rhythms and strong lyrics.

What songs would you recommend for your conference playlist?

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