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10 Hand-Mades That Will Make You A Gift-Giving Champ

The holidays are barrelling towards us like a greased bearded hipster towards a micro-brewery. Buying something cool, thoughtful and affordable is hard enough for one person let alone about half dozen or more colleagues. Not only will this list help you with that but you can rest assured that your money is going to a talented group of people. Here are 10 hand-mades that will make you gift-giving champ.

1. Tie Lab ties and scarves

These creative ties will break the monotony of little squares, circles and triangle patterns. From whimsical to design chic this seller has got you covered here (around the neck at least). If your shopping for a female friend or relative check out their scarf section here.

2. CocoandChia

If you’re looking for unique and minimalistic jewellery for that special someone, you’ll find some great items here. Not only do these pieces feature great and very unique finishes, they are also made in an eco-friendly way. You can browse their selection here. As contemporary as their designs are I doubt you’ll only be browsing.

3. tjCervantesArt

A whimsical ceramics show, tjCervantesArt is the perfect balance between art and function. The fun winking face that they use will make even the biggest Grinch smile. Take a look at the fun moon jar glowing candle here.

4. WeAreChrome

Do you have a cyclist in your life? Is your cyclist leaving all his cycling cr*p all over the house? A gift that could be as much for you as it will be for your speedy-significant other is the Fixa bike shelf which you can see here. It’s a shelf with a space to hang the bike from its frame. They say simplicity is beauty and you’ll agree once all the bike stuff is in one place.

5. AtelierVanKessel

The Big Chop Boards is another design based on simplicity. It’s a beautifully rustic cutting board that doubles as a serving tray. Its innovation is that it can be used as an Tablet holder. So you can snack while you read this article visit their shop here.

6. meshedesign

These paper lamps bring European aesthetics to this ancient innovation. These lamps can be fully customizable to fit your spaces color palette check them out here.


Looking more like a graphite drawing than actual tableware, the Positano Collection will definitely make the art lover swoon. The contemporary design though would be a great gift for anyone with that style of home. Look at the other contemporary offerings here.

8. frauklarer

Another contemporary designer, frauklarer creates geometric tabletop pots and vases. Take a look at their great modern designs here.

9. MadeByCassandraSmith

You’ll find a little more whimsy here than the other two designers. MadeByCassandraSmith offers wall hangings that consist of gold plated deer antler and tastefully colorful ‘monkey-fit’ knots. Get a bit of the whimsy here.

10. LipLap

Another low-tech innovation, LipLap is a slated wood placemat at first look. Turn it around though at it reveals a cloth underbelly that can convert the mild mannered arm rest next to you into a convenient side table. With the option to choose type of wood and color this will fit beautifully in the gift-getters home. Check out all the option here.

Do you have any fun non-traditional gifts that would please even the pickiest of gift recipients? Then lets know in comment section below!

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