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10 Happy Reasons to Quit Your Job

Some of us get lucky and fall in love with the position that we land straight out of college. It has it all: the right mix of friendly coworkers, a compassionate boss who is also a mentor, and a satisfying workload that isn’t overwhelming and doesn’t leave you way too exhausted at the end of each day. Others aren’t living such a charmed working life and spend many hours staring at their email, daydreaming about getting up and leaving one day, without looking back for one second.

If we’re honest, even if we have the best job ever and absolutely love what we do, most of us have at least one reason to quit our jobs today, and that reason would be pretty negative. No job and no aspect of life is 100 percent perfect, and there’s always something that could change or be better. But there are also some positive reasons to say goodbye to your position. Check out the top 10 reasons to quit your job – all happy ones.

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1. Winning the lottery

This is the number one reason to give your boss two weeks’ notice, right? If you hit the jackpot you would definitely run, not walk, to your boss’ office and giddily explain that you were leaving. Talk about a dream come true. You can do a lot with that kind of money: travel the world, move out of your tiny apartment and into a mansion, start a blog just for fun, take six months off and read and watch TV every single day. The possibilities would be endless. Admit it: you want to win the lottery just so you can quit your job and watch Netflix for the rest of your life.

2. Getting an inheritance

Randomly discovering that you had a distant relative who you have never even heard of, and who your parents had never even mentioned once, is a pretty good reason to wave goodbye to your boss and co-workers. It’s basically drama-free money because you don’t have any attachments to the deceased and don’t have to deal with awful feelings of grief or feeling awkward about taking someone’s money.

Sure, you might have to fight with some siblings over the funds, but you’ll definitely win. You can just channel all your career ambition, motivation and inspiration into this battle, which won’t be all that difficult since you’re used to bringing your A game every single day of your life.

3. Becoming a YouTube star

It’s totally possible. After all, even mega-famous Justin Bieber was once just a kid uploading a video of him singing in his hometown onto YouTube. The site is becoming a popular way for people to become well-known in a variety of industries ranging from singing to acting to comedy. Upload some videos to show the world your amazing talent and watch your celebrity status rise.

4. Starring in a reality show

Reality shows came of age during a television writers’ strike, and now they’re simply a part of our everyday quest for even more entertainment. They make reality shows about literally anything these days. From someone’s hoarding problem in their overstuffed home to a show about storage to portrayals of modeling, acting, fashion design, etc. All you have to do is apply to a reality show and be fully prepared to embarrass yourself. But that’s okay because you’ll be able to quit your job and enter a competition, so who cares how much it ruins your reputation? Reality is exciting and you want your fifteen minutes of fame.

5. Writing a NY Times bestselling book

Of course, your first novel will become a true bestseller, and it will be the first draft that you wrote. You won’t have to struggle like so many other writers of the past and present, and you’ll become so well-known and popular that you’ll no longer be able to continue at your current position. Congrats, you just became a full-time author. Now it’s time to learn the joys of procrastination as you sit at your computer day after day, full of anxiety about what words you’re going to write today. Your apartment or house will definitely become very, very clean.

6. Becoming a back-up dancer or singer

This is pretty easy to do, right? You’re not the main event, and it’s not like you’re asking to become the next Taylor Swift. You just want to quit your job, travel the country and hopefully the whole world, and provide back-up to some of the greatest acts in music right now. Why can’t you do that?

7. Selling all your stuff and travelling

Woman Kissing Sphynx

It’s become a stereotype at this point – the image of the free-spirited, hippie at heart woman who sells her belongings, rents out her apartment and buys a one-way ticket anywhere. It doesn’t matter where, she just wants to get out and see the world. What better reason to give your manager your resignation letter than the explanation that you’re off on a great big adventure? Your colleagues will be super jealous, and your friends and family will shake their heads, wondering what’s wrong with you.

8. Becoming the CEO of a rival company

You can do this. It wouldn’t be awkward at all. And we all know that you can simply walk into a CEO role when you don’t have the most senior one at your current company. This will definitely show your boss that you deserved that promotion (and several others, too). And yes, this new position will be stressful, exhausting and time-consuming, but that’s the price you pay for money, power and a higher status, right?

9. Going back to school

Old School

You definitely need a second college degree, so why not quit your job today and enroll tomorrow? You can study absolutely anything, from marine biology to art history to chemistry. Your choice of major doesn’t need to be practical at all. Just follow your heart and make sure it’s something that you’re passionate about. Whatever your field, you will have more fun than you did sitting at your desk staring at a computer screen day after day, helplessly watching the millions of emails coming in every hour.

10. Getting engaged

getting engaged

Wait, getting engaged isn’t a full-time job? Tell that to everyone posting photos of their rings on Facebook and becoming totally invested in wedding plans, obsessing over every minute detail from the flowers to the band to the venue to the subtle color of the invitations. You have things to do and plans to make, and your job is only going to get in the way. Besides, a job can always be temporary, but marriage, love and finding your sole mate is forever.

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Now that you know the 10 happy reasons to quit your job, you can consider whether or not you’re ready to hand in your notice and chase a new career/life path. Not ready yet? That’s cool. You always have the daydream – it’s free, after all, and you still get to keep your current job and paycheck.

Have you ever used any of these happy excuses to quit your job?


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