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10 Lessons Golf Can Teach You About Business Success

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It’s amazing how playing sports can make you a better person! Team sports will teach you about working with others and using your skills to complement each other. Competitive sports will help you learn how to push yourself harder and be the best you can be. Sports can prepare you for life!

Golf is a popular sport, but you’ll notice that most of the people who play golf are rich and successful. The life lessons they have learned at work help them to be better golfers, and the lessons they learn playing golf help them to be more successful.

Here are a few business lessons you can learn from golf:

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1. Power Isn't as Important as Accuracy

You can swing away with all your strength, but if you’re not sending the ball where you want it to go, you’re wasting your shots. The same is true in life! You can have all the power and money in the world, but you’ll be throwing it away without accuracy and targeted business strategies.

2. Keep Swinging

It’s rare to make a hole in one! Not even the pros do it all that often. No, it takes patience and multiple strokes to get the ball into the hole. If you don’t succeed with your first product or business, don’t give up. Be patient and keep trying—it’s the only way to be successful.

3. Be a Good Sport

Regardless of the outcome of the game (win or lose), a good golfer shakes hands with his/her opponent. That shows sportsmanship, and it will win you MANY friends. That same sportsmanship will help you to achieve success in business as well. If you can treat your successes and failures with the same dignity, you are a true man (or woman).

4. Punctuality Matters

Punctuality is a sign of respect for others, and it’s a vital skill to learn if you want to succeed in golf and business. If you’re not at the golf course on time to tee off, your reservation will often be passed to the next players in line. If you’re late for your business meeting, that deal may be passed on to the next players in line—your direct competition!

5. Take Your Time

You can’t rush through a game of golf. If you’re a serious golfer, you’ll take your time to line up the shot, find the angles, read the course, and study the play. You can’t rush business success, either. It takes time to create a product or service, find the right marketing angle, test the product, and make sure that it’s launched the right way.

6. You've Always Got Another Shot

Even if you miss your first shot, you always can take another. It may affect your score, but it doesn’t mean you’ve failed. Being able to try again is what life is all about! If you fail at your first business venture or product, so what? You can always take another run at it, or approach it from a different angle. You haven’t failed until you give up.

7. You're Never the Best

You’re never going to be the best golfer in the world. You have to fight to improve your skills and get better at the game. It takes hard work, and that’s a skill that translates into business as well. You’ll never be the richest, most successful, or the "best" businessperson in the world, so you have to always fight to do more, work harder, and go bigger.

8. Give it Time

You’re not going to become a pro golfer overnight. You have to work hard at the game to improve your skills day by day – the same goes for the world of business. Your company won’t become a global empire overnight; it takes years of hard work. Don’t expect to see instant success! Give it time, and keep working at it.

9. Learn to Laugh

When you hit the ball wrong, you have two choices: get angry, or have a laugh at your failure. When you fail at business, you have those same two choices. If you can approach your failures with humor rather than anger, it will be much easier to learn from those mistakes.

10. Know Where You're Aiming

When playing a game of golf, you don’t just hit the ball blindly and hope it goes where it needs to. You have to know where the green is, and you need to aim for that goal. In business, if you want to succeed, you have to know exactly what your goals are and must have a plan to reach those goals.

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A lot of valuable life lessons from such a simple game, right?

Can you think of any other lessons we can learn from golf? Leave a comment below to share the wisdom…

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