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10 Life Secrets That we Forget in Times of Despair

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It’s hard to keep our heads up when everything is going wrong. You might ask yourself, why is this happening to me? Additionally, you might think no one will understand your pain.

Although your situation may seem hopeless, there are ways to get through hard times. The key is remembering some of life’s biggest secrets.

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1. Trials and Pain Make Us Stronger

Nobody wants to go through hard times and pain. But as heartbreaking as your situation might be, trials can make you a stronger person. You’ll become more resilient and you’re given an opportunity to improve your problem-solving skills. This equips you emotionally and mentally to handle future problems.

2. You're Not Alone

You may feel that your world is falling apart, but it’s important to remember that everyone experiences pain and hardship from time to time. You may have a friend, relative or coworker who went through a similar painful situation. Talk to these people and get advice. You might feel better afterwards.

3. Our Biggest Fears Rarely Happen

We have a tendency to worry about worst-case scenarios. But in most cases, our biggest fears never happen. This means we waste a lot of time and energy worrying unnecessarily. Take it one day at a time. Stop worrying about yesterday’s mistakes and tomorrow’s problems. Live in the present.

4. Fear Paralyzes Us

Fear is a normal emotion, and it can protect us from danger. But if you’re unable to control fear, it can be paralyzing and stop you from getting out of a bad situation. Rather than run from the unknown, confront your fears so you can move forward with your life.

5. Be Thankful for What You Have

Being grateful is one way to get through hard times. Understandably, you might have a lot of problems. Rather than focus on your problems, focus on good thoughts. Empty your mind of every negative thought and only think about things you’re thankful for. You might realize you’re better off than a lot of people.

6. Change Doesn't Happen Overnight

If you’re trying to get out of a bad situation, don’t expect change or relief overnight. Healing from change is a slow, gradual process, so don’t give up. If you’re getting a divorce, it might take several months to feel better and accept the situation. And if you have a lot of credit card debt and other financial troubles, it might take years to undo the damage.

7. It's Okay to Ask for Help

Some people are committed to solving problems on their own. There’s nothing wrong with being independent. But you don’t have to handle every issue yourself. You undoubtedly have a support system — friends, family and neighbors who care about you. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help, whether it’s financial or a listening ear.

8. Attitude is Everything

Your attitude has a huge impact on how quickly you’re able to rise from despair. If you’re telling yourself you can’t do something, or if you’re constantly beating yourself up, you might feel powerless to change. Confidence and believing in yourself can motivate you to action.

9. Everything is Temporary

It doesn’t matter whether you’re experiencing happiness or sadness, every situation is temporary. For every bad day, there’s a good day right around the corner. If you’re having a hard time emotionally, remember “this too shall pass.”

10. Let It Go

Situations will happen beyond your control. You can’t go back and undo the past, and you don’t know what tomorrow will hold. Deal with personal issues the best you can and learn how to accept situations you can’t change. Also, if you can learn how to forgive, it’ll be easier to let go of anger, hurt and disappointment.

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When going through despair, we might give too much attention to our negative feelings and emotions and forget to look at the big picture. Life can be full of problems, however, for just about every problem, there’s a solution and a way to move forward.


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