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10 Management Approaches that'll Cause a Company Breakdown

Every office environment and workplace, irrespective of the industry, will experience poor management styles and approaches that end up causing the best employees to walk out on the company. This is because in some cases, individuals are placed in a position of responsibility and authority when they are not equipped to handle such a position. This subsequently causes them to adopt an inefficient, unprofessional and negative management style, which can in certain situations, force the best employees out the front door.

It is not only the inexperienced or negative managers that cause employees to walk out on their job however; some of the best managers make mistakes along the way that cost them dearly in terms of their team environment and employee morale.

Check out the top 10 management approaches that will likely cause a company breakdown. Avoid adopting these practices at all costs…

#1 Micromanaging your employees – this is one of the worst management styles to adopt as it implies that you not only monitor them closely, but that you do not trust their judgment to work on their own initiative.

#2 Setting unachievable targets – if you constantly push your staff to meet targets and deadlines that are unrealistic, you will never be satisfied with their level of work which will simply push them out the door. No employee wants to work for a manager that undermines their ability and undervalues them as a member of the company.

#3 Ridiculously high expectations – just because you work overtime and ‘live, sleep and breathe’ the company, you cannot realistically expect others to feel the same way, especially those on a lower salary than you! If you expect your staff to work overtime for no added bonus, you can wave goodbye to the best of your team.

#4 Low incentive environment – it is necessary to have an incentive scheme if you want to get the best from your employees, and managing them in a way that has no benefit to the employee at all will simply cause low staff morale and result in lower rates of productivity.

#5 Stick management style – the carrot and stick management styles have been commented on for many years. The stick approach is the harsher, and uses force and aggression to effectively intimidate employees. Any manager who uses the stick approach is guaranteed to lose their employees straight away.

#6 Negative work zone – if you restrict employees from socializing, talking or even communicating with each other regarding any topic other than work, you will end up creating a very negative working environment. By blocking certain websites you will also cause upset and dissatisfaction amongst your staff.

#7 Bleak future – by informing your employees that there is a lt of competition out there for their jobs, and by capping pay rises and other benefits to save on costs, you will generate a highly negative atmosphere and cause productive employees to question how far they can advance in the company.

#8 Criticize without being constructive – this management style is similar to that of the ‘stick’ and is an approach that is hated by most employees. It is difficult to work under management that only finds faults with your work. It is even harder to work for a manager who points out these faults without giving any direction or support on how to correct the mistakes.

#9 Blame game – this management style is where you blame everything negative or bad that happens at work on your employees. A good manager however will take the responsibility as all work completed is under his watchful eye. If you blame your employees for all errors made, you will lose their respect very quickly.

#10 Distance – if you adopt a distant management style, by which I mean that you have very little to do with your staff other than to speak with them as and when required regarding work, you will find that you learn nothing about them as individuals. If you took the time to find out how they are as people behind their ‘employee’ status, if could help you in managing them more efficiently.



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