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10 Most Promising Jobs in the Future

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The demand for some jobs will always be secured. However, numerous others are evolving to become marketable in the ever-changing future driven by technology and science. Despite this possibility, many people are unprepared for the future of employment. Read to find out the most promising jobs in the future.

1. Respiratory Therapist

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, people are going to be in greater need of respiratory therapists in the future than they do now. Massive air pollution engulfs the globe due to industrial emissions, congested highways and other sources of pollution. The rise in respiratory problems such as asthma could also be linked to everyday stress affecting our bodies. You may join this profession to help future generations breathe well in the face of adulterated atmosphere.

2. Genetic Counselor

Ever since the discovery of DNA, scientists have realized the potential that genetic science holds. The ability to fine-tune genetics is increasingly enabling geneticists to conduct tests to forecast various conditions and markers. One field of work related to this science is that of genetic counselors. These professionals use gene technologies to help people decide on their future children. Analysts project a massive growth in the number of counselors as genetic technology improves. 

3. Medical Roboticist

Technology seems to be bringing significant changes in every aspect of life, including health. Today, robots are helping in the treatment of certain ailments that were once faced with many challenges. Robotics has been utilized in areas such as the creation of physical therapy exoskeletons and improved prosthetic attachments. These will require science-minded individuals to make them now and in the future. The future promises better, stronger, and faster robotic medical technology than you may see now. 

4. Custom Implant Organ Designer

Biomedical engineering is improving every day, increasing the demand for custom implant organ designers. These ingenious scientists will be needed in the future to continue seeking the next big breakthrough in genetic engineering. The experimentation on animal organs seems to have no end, as humans push organ transplant technology to the limit.

5. Massage Therapist

The stresses of life that people undergo today may be worse in the future, as cities become more crowded. Stress will increase as resources become fewer, and spaces become smaller. Despite technological advancements, people will still be seeking traditional therapies such as massaging to ease stress.

6. Nurse

Sickness and disease will continue to haunt the human race. If you become a nurse, people will always need you to take care of them. 

7. Pharmacist

The dependence on prescription drugs appears to be on the rise. This trend is set to accelerate in the coming years.

8. Space Tour Guide

Space travel is fast approaching with some wealthy individuals like Richard Branson already trying to actualize it. People will need others to narrate the tours and explain various sites.

9. Nanotechnologist

These scientists will be needed to manipulate atoms to help in producing every little thing including new forms of energy production. 

10. Energy Resources Engineer

The nonrenewable sources of energy are causing sleepless nights among many people. Currently, scientists are seeking ways to create new sources of energy to sustain us. You could contribute in such a discovery in the future if you join this field now. 


These are just a few of the jobs projected to be in demand tomorrow. If you make the right choice now, you will always have a job.

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