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10 Outstanding Productivity Tools for Entrepreneurs

Mark zuckenberg

When you are an entrepreneur, you and you alone are responsible for the success of your business, especially if you are a sole operator. That’s why you need to take advantage of as many productivity tools as possible. These tools are going to make things faster, bigger and stronger, and help you make your business grow. Here are some of the top productivity tools available to all entrepreneurs.

1. ABBYY Business Card Reader

Don’t worry about losing business cards and contact info again. Simply take a photo of any business card, enter it into Business Card Reader, and a contact has been created.

2. Call Center Software

Launching your product and adding new customers can make for an exciting time at your start-up. Keeping your customers happy is quite another thing though, and they can quickly become a huge headache if you don’t provide an amazing customer service experience. Utilizing a cloud-based call center software solution will enable your business to effectively manage all your customers, while keeping your costs down.

3. Acuity Scheduling

You create a service, find clients who want it, and then you don’t have time to serve those clients. Frustrating, isn’t it? All that can change when you use Acuity Scheduling, which is a multi-platform scheduling system. It will work with the calendar tool you already use, and clients can see your calendar, find openings, and make their own appointments or cancel and reschedule appointments. You will never miss a chance to meet with a client again once you start using this tool.

4. 30/30

This helps you to follow the 30/30 rule. What is this rule? It is when you are having trouble with a task, and you work at it for 30 minutes, and then walk away from it for 30 minutes so you can refocus and start over again with a fresh mind. This 30/30 app uses this rule to increase your productivity. It will help you to organize and manage all tasks, so you can get everything done on time.

5. Nutcache

When you use this tool, you are able to design, create and send invoices out, and there is no cost. You can also accept online payments from customers using a variety of payment options. Track your expenses, and employees and freelancers can track their hours using the Nutcache mobile app.

6. Cal

This is an upgrade to the built-in calendar in your phone. Cal has a nice interface that has all kinds of integrated functions so you can tie all of your contacts and social media accounts together and stay more organized.

7. Wrike

This is a great tool for teams working together on various projects, as well as for storing data. It helps you to work towards your goals, and actually get things done. Create projects, add members to the project group, assign responsibilities, and more. You can use Wrike to communicate with project groups or on a one-on-one basis. Set priorities for tasks, and your team will be more focused and will get more done.

8. Pocket

Use this tool to save articles, videos, etc., from the Internet so you can check them out when you have more time. Once an item is saved to the Pocket, it is visible at any time and on any device, and you can use it while you are offline.

9. Buffer

Manage all of your social media accounts with this handy tool. You can share news and links to your favorite social media sites in real time, schedule tweets and retweets, and more. Buffer is great for managing social profiles all in one place.

10. Dropbox

This is a file-sharing tool that makes sharing files quick and easy, and it can be used from your desktop or mobile devices. Dropbox is ideal for moving around larger files and sharing them with team members and other devices, and it will help you keep track of and access files.

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And what are your favorite productivity tools? Tell us in the comments section below!

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