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10 Skills That Will Land You a Top Job in 2013

The jobs market is looking up, particularly in the US and UK where unemployment figures are progressing to an all time low since the 2008 economic crisis. But even with this optimistic news, graduates and professionals alike are still struggling to secure jobs with top employers due to a lack of ‘desirable industry skills’.

CareerBuilder has conducted research to determine the top 10 most ‘in-demand’ skills of 2013. It is clear that having the below skills will pave your way to career success.

#1 Critical Thinking – this is the ability to use logic and reasoning for the purpose of identifying the best approach or conclusion to a particular problem.

#2 Complex Problem Solving – understanding how to evaluate a situation and implement a viable solution.

#3 Decision Making – knowing how to weigh up the pros and cons to come up with the best possible decision.

#4 Listening – the ability to give your full attention to something and understand the main points of what you have heard.

#5 Computing – this refers to having the basic skills to operate a computer and additional electronic equipment.

#6 Mathematics – having knowledge of mathematical applications such as algebra, statistics and calculus.

#7 Operations and Systems Analysis – the ability to determine how certain systems should operate.

#8 Monitoring – this is the ability to assess situations, and your own performance, in order to make improvements where improvements can be made.

#9 Programming – ability to write computer programming.

#10 Sales and Marketing – knowledge of the main principles of selling an idea or product to a specific target market.

These top 10 skills are said to be the most in-demand by top recruiters in 2013. Whilst some of them involve technical ability, the most important from this list are skills that anyone can acquire with practice i.e. decision making, listening and critical thinking.

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