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WORKPLACE / APR. 05, 2015
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10 Things Productive People Do Before Bed

You are probably wondering how many busy people manage to stay on top of their work every day and be productive despite their overloaded schedule and limited free time. The reason why they are successful is that they have committed to following a daily routine that focuses on being restful and healthy!

Check out the following things productive people do before bed to get some tips on how to be more effective and make your own daily plan:

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1. They look for ways to improve

Just before you go to bed, think about your past and the choices you have made. Take some time to assess what lead you to where you are now and what would you might have had done differently to become more successful. This will allow you to find alternatives towards developing yourself and identifying any gaps that may be preventing you from realising your aspirations.

2. They read books

Reading a book each night before bed will definitely help you out in a range of aspects of your life. This is not only beneficial for your brain but can also help you expand your knowledge on a variety of things and be better prepared to face any challenges in the future.

3. They write down their goals

The most effective way to achieve your goals is to write them down. Unless you write down your clear targets - short and long-term, you are only wishing for your dreams to come true. What you need is a visual representation that reminds you of what is important to you.

4. They review the day

At some point throughout the day – which is usually around bedtime you catch yourself thinking about how your day has been or how productive you have been at work today. Reflecting back can help you understand what you are really after in your life and how you can make a positive impact on the world.

5. They set priorities for the next day

One of the most important things, productive people and you should do as well is setting priorities for the day after. By doing so, you are ensuring that you are making the most out of each day and that you spend every minute wisely.

6. They spend time with the family

Investing in some quality time with your family is essential for your mental health. No matter how busy you are, make an effort to spend at least an hour being around people who you love and love you in return.

7. They spend time outdoors

The best way to escape from your routine is to go outdoors and have fun! Take a walk, connect with nature and find your inner peace even if you only have 30 minutes.

8. They meditate

Meditating just before you sleep can help your mind relax and will allow you to concentrate on yourself for a while. This can also help you get rid of your worries and come up with ideas on how to work on difficult tasks.

9. They think about their future

The best time to think about what your next moves is when you are a few minutes away from falling asleep. That’s when you get the chance to visualise your future based on the efforts you are making n the present and set solid goals to help you get there.

10. They go ‘offline’

Before you go to bed, make sure that you switch off your laptop, tablet, mobile or any other smart device you have and put them away from you. This will help you sleep like a baby and give you much more energy the next day!

The secret to being productive lies in setting goals and effectively balancing work and life. If you manage to do these two simple things you will notice that the quality of your life will improve and you will be much more productive than you used to be every day!

What’s your secret to making the most out of your day? Let us know in the comment section below…

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