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10 Things that Can Double Your Blog Traffic

What is the secret sauce of some popular blogs? How do they make so much money? How do they get so much traffic? These were the questions which I used to ask myself and at one point was thinking to get in touch with internet marketing companies to help me get traffic. I came to know that there are no secret sauces for getting a million page views a month. With a bit of research, I was able to tweak websites on my network such that my traffic started growing and it almost doubled in a month with some optimization tricks. In this small tutorial, I discuss some most important tweaks and website modifications which you can implement yourself as a webmaster and a blogger. There is no need to think about guarantee as it has helped a lot of bloggers, and this really worked for me without paying an extra penny. Keep reading.

Blog Description

One of the most important things while making a blog is to buy a domain name which is relevant to your blog topic.  Remember you can’t go back. Even if you can it would be a hassle for you.  For example, if you are thinking of writing on music instruments, it does not make any sense to describe your blog using keywords which have sports in it. Just keep the domain name, blog name and titles catchy and relevant. Shocking titles can also work. But don't betray your readers by providing content which is of less quality.

Clutter Less Web Pages

Even if it is a business blog or a personal blog, you should not make a clutter with paid ads. This is the first thing which readers looks for. Remember it is a blog to provide some information to readers, not a yellow pages directory. Keep a simple background and keep some space around boxes which is the design cult nowadays.  I personally prefer using fewer colors for widgets and tables.

Navigation issues

If you want to make it to top 10 pages of Google search results, then let the search engines know, what is inside your blog. One recommendation by many search experts is to provide a sitemap understandable to search engines which should be in XML format and one sitemap for users which should be in HTML format. The navigation should be wide and clear in the header of your blog. Whatever you are offering should be in your header rather than in hidden pages.


Either keep it simple using minimalistic and responsive design or try to hire a designer which can give you a look and feel similar to some popular blogs. For example you can look Seth Godin or Social Triggers Blog. 

Lack of content

Search engines love content. Even if your website looks catchy and flashy, no one is going to read it unless you have a relevant content Pick a niche, which you are passionate about so that you never end up in a situation where you are asking others what to write now. Find something which people want to read and which you will want to read yourself. My point is if you can’t read your own content, then you can’t expect others to like and share it.

Website speed

One of the most critical factors while determining the website rankings in search engines is the website. Use SEO analyzer tools to see where your website lacks and what optimization hacks can you make so that it becomes faster. Research says that if your website takes longer than 5 seconds to load, visitors are most likely to leave the page. For checking your website speed you can check Google Insights.

Keep it personal

People like stories. Real stories. Then be the storyteller for them. Open yourself and tell them what made you create your services and products.  When someone comments on your blog, then reply personally rather than under the company or website’s brand. This looks friendly and personal as people feel more comfortable when they are able to relate to the website and your services. Remember, it is your blog, not a corporate website. People who want to buy your product need to make sure that it really works.

Simple Fonts

You can either purchase a great font service like Typekit or use simple Times New Roman; it is your content on simple design which people love and share. So it is your personal choice to buy new fonts or use simple ones.

Help Readers to Search

People should be able to search inside your blog. It would be a great idea to tag your blog posts and make an appropriate number of categories. For simplicity and avoiding all the dirty search work, you can use Google custom search.

Social Media

This is the new word of mouth. Keep your titles catchy, invest some time on designing of images or purchase them, and your website traffic will blow up. Facebook shares, likes and Twitter’s re-tweets can get you a hell lot of traffic which you will never get using paid traffic. Finally put some sharing buttons which users can instantly click to share.

What traffic channels and methods do you use to get visitors on your blog? Write in comments.

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