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10 Things to Add to Your Resume List This Christmas

As you are gearing up for the New Year, looking for a new career or business opportunities, there’s no better time than Christmas to create a more user-friendly resume that will fascinate recruiters and other key decision makers.  

Here are 10 suggestions for composing more convincing and targeted resumes.

Create a compelling resume headline: Given that hiring managers rarely read the entire resume, but rather scan them to figure out a candidate’s suitability for the job, creating an eye-catching resume headline that highlights your key strengths can do wonders. The first part of your headline should state your target position (e.g. Junior Sales Consultant or Senior Media Planner) whereas the second part of the headline should in simple words say why you are the best in what you do, providing tangible facts.

A profile section that shows your value: Hiring managers tend to focus on the top third of the first page of your resume. Therefore, it is vital to communicate your value in the profile section, highlighting powerful examples of how you helped the companies you worked for increase sales, save money, time, expand in other markets etc.

Core competencies: So, what do you think makes you the best fit for the job? One of employers’ main concerns is whether you are equipped with the right skills to do the job.  First of all, align your qualifications with the specific requirements of the job you are looking for, and put your main areas of expertise early on in the resume.  Make sure you use relevant keywords or phrases that are important to your position or sector.

Failures: Yes, you read that right! Employers want to see that you have tried, failed, and learnt from your failure. Demonstrate how you manage to cope with various setbacks and manage to turn a problem into an opportunity. Employers want to see how fast you react to crises, your willingness to take risks and how innovative you are when it comes to dealing with failures.

Side projects: Listing any kind of side business or projects that could be somehow related to your full-time work could earn you extra points. That’s an ideal way to show the hiring manager that you are using your own time to develop skills that are necessary for the business to grow.

Include short company descriptions: For each firm you have been part of, include a brief description and detail the company size, the kind of industry the company represents or revenues if publicly-held. The company description becomes more relevant especially if you have worked for new, small, or not so well-known firms.

Trends within your accomplishments:  After creating a list of accomplishments, sort them out by theme (e.g. sales increase, costs, process improvements etc.) and in a chronological order, so that you make it easier for the reader to follow your accomplishments within each key critical competency.

Relevant hobbies: Hobbies are put on a resume for a reason.  Only include hobbies that employers will likely be interested in reading about and pursuits that go beyond the usual fun stuff. You can mention for example, activities through society memberships and organized clubs, voluntary aid, active interest in travelling beyond the normal package holidays. Details about your travel experience abroad tells the employer that you are not afraid to leave the boundaries of your comfort zone, you are culturally aware and have probably worked in unfamiliar situations with unknown people.

Appropriate professional affiliations: Professionals affiliations show the employer that you are up-to-date with current industry trends that you are looking to upgrade different skills that are critical to your function. Include a few recent professional affiliations and put particular emphasis on leadership roles or initiatives taken – and the effects of these- within these organisations.

Social media links: Including links to your social media profiles, not only shows that you are up to speed with modern-day technologies but it also displays that you have a strong network of professionals. Use social media disseminate your ideas or know-how on a specific matter pertaining to your industry.

Take some time to revamp your resume this Christmas by adding these items on your resume. What else do you think is worth adding? Please share your ideas in the comments section below.


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