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10 Totally Awesome Jobs to Kill For

There are many jobs out on the market, but there are also a lot of people to fill them. Inevitably someone will end up doing the cool jobs while other people get stuck with the crappy jobs or at least one that doesn’t make them happy.

The type of jobs I am referring to can be carried out by almost anyone, and they are so awesome and enjoyable that few people could say no if they were offered one of them.

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Here is a list of 10 jobs that many people would practically kill for:

#1 Laughter Therapist

This is officially the happiest job in the world. A laughter therapist helps other people recognise humour in everyday situations and feel good about themselves. So, when they are feeling down, the laughter therapist will be there to cheer them up by injecting the element of joy and happiness back into their lives. Do you want to get paid to make other people happy? What if I told you, you could be earning up to $26,900 a year? Not bad eh?

#2 LEGO Tester

Lego movie

Who doesn’t like LEGO? While there are only forty of these professionals in the world, Lego ‘Master Builders’ get paid to play around with these famous toys. This extremely rare job entails creating larger-than-life models of famous buildings or designing the official LegoLand sets. Lego model creators can earn up to $32,000 per year. How awesome is that?

#3 Crossword Puzzle Writer

complete crossword puzzle

Crossword puzzles aren’t made by machines. A real human being is behind your favourite pastime activity. As a crossword puzzle writer, you are responsible for putting words together so that they can be matched and positioned the right way on the crossword. First, you come up with the theme of the puzzle, and then the grid and the clues. For this job, you could earn as much as $200 to $300 per puzzle.

#4 Foley Artist

starwars lazers

A foley artist is responsible for making sound effects that are used in films. In many cases, this professional has to mimic an actual sound source and record it so that it can be used in the most appropriate scenes of the movie. For every cue to be perfect, the foley artist works his craft to create specific sounds that create the illusion of reality. The process is time-consuming yet rewarding. Salaries can range between $400 and $450 a day.

#5 Netflix Tagger

kaley cuoco

As you would imagine, a Netflix Tagger is someone who is paid to watch Netflix content, either movies or TV series and then tag the show by entering keywords that can describe each episode or film. So, a day’s workload would be something like this: watch three episodes of Arrow, two episodes of Walking Dead and then watching the Hunger Games and Ant-Man. After this, you would have become a Netflix guru. Where can you get this job? Well, where else but the U.S.? Check out what the Netflix Tagger job entails from Greg Harty’s.

#6 Instagram Model

Who said Instagram only features photos of delicious food discoveries and breath-taking sceneries? Apparently, many people use the platform to post pictures of themselves and make money out of it. Gabrielle Epstein, an Instagram model with 700k followers, has said that she earns more from Instagram than from her day job. Who knew you could be paid so much just for taking selfies!

#7 Wine Expert

holding a bottle of wine

As a wine expert, more formally known as a sommelier, you are expected to know everything about wine. While you will be working in restaurants, you will have to give wine recommendations to customers that can match their choice of food and budget. In this job, you will get paid up to $53,450 a year to drink and taste different types of wine. Be careful though you don’t want to end up being drunk while at work. That would just be unprofessional of you.

#8 Mattress Jumper

If you were a fan of the trampoline as a kid, then you will love this. Jumping on mattresses may not be the fanciest job in the world, but it sure sounds like fun, and it pays surprisingly well. While there is no specific salary, it matches up with similar professions (assemblers and fabricators). So for about $28,000 a year, you could be doing the least stressful job in the world, and test the mattresses before they are sold to customers. Your job will be to check if each one is lump-free and flawless. Right, bring it on!

#9 Waterslide Tester


You know you are a waterslide fanatic when you are waiting for summer to come and you are first in the line at the Kamikaze waterslide. The good news is that now you no longer have to wait. As a waterslide tester, you will get to choose the waterslide and rate them according to two factors – the biggest splash and adrenalin rush. How awesome is that? I mean ok, it can be dangerous, but what is life if you can’t inject some adventure into it right? Plus, it keeps you fit – imagine how many times you will be required to climb up those huge stairs… For what you know you might be earning $34,000 a year.

#10 Video Game Tester

Did you know playing video games could be your full-time job? If you are a game addict, this is probably your dream job since making a living out of what you really enjoy doing is what we call career success. This type of job has actually been defined as ‘the greatest job on the planet’ and many video game testers have said it is a great stepping stone for those who are interested in pursuing any career in video games. The job pays about $22,000 per year.

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So, do you think that you might have chosen the wrong career? Let me know in the comments section below…

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