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10 Totally Silly Yet Legit Reasons To Quit Your Job

The decision to quit your job and find a new one can be super stressful. Employment is pretty awesome. You have the funds to live a high-flying lifestyle, from weekend trips away to the best clothes and food that money can buy. You have a place to go every day so that you don’t feel like a total loser. Oh yeah, and you get the satisfaction of doing something that you love and contributing to society. We can’t forget about that last part. But sometimes, we are dying to give our two weeks notice and say goodbye to our office and to all of its quirks forever. Sometimes our wish to leave our jobs has nothing to do with the obvious reasons –little pay, long hours etc, it’s more to do with silly reasons. Here is a list with the top ten silliest, yet most relatable reasons to leave your job.

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1. The Office Kitchen Always Has Cake

We’re not talking the occasional celebration of a colleague’s birthday here. We’re talking cake in the office kitchen 24/7, in the fridge, or laying out on the counter to tempt everyone as they walk by on their way to the bathroom. You have gained 10 pounds this week alone from the sheer amount of birthday cake that’s in the kitchen at all times. Your body and health just can’t possibly take this abuse any longer. So it may seem crazy to leave your job over some leftover cake, but what else can you do? You can’t not eat the cake – that would be blasphemy. It’s there, so you definitely have to eat it.

2. Your Coworkers Are Chatty Kathys

It can be fun to have an office BFF or at least some people to talk to every once in a while. Work can get boring (a shocking thing to admit, but true) and you can only stare at your Twitter feed for so long before that gets pretty dull, too. But you just have to leave your job because these people are driving you absolutely crazy. They want to talk all the time. They ask about your weekend and even your weekend from two months ago. They want to know your entire life story and don’t mind telling you every dirty little detail of theirs. You’re sorry, you tried, you really did. But you just have to get out.

3. Your Boss Has a Sweating Problem

Of course it’s pretty difficult to run a company, especially in this extra competitive work climate, not to mention that the economy basically sucks right now. So it’s no wonder that your boss tends to sweat a lot. But this is getting out of control, and you just can’t witness it anymore. New job, here you come.

4. Your Coworkers Love Karaoke

Oh, karaoke. It’s the bane of most people’s existence. While it was fun to get drunk during your college years and belt out an out-of-tune Spice Girls song, that was years ago and you’re a grown adult now. You don’t need to embarrass yourself – you’ve done that enough with some of the embarrassing conversations you’ve been having at work. So why do the people you share an office with absolutely adore karaoke? It’s basically the main activity of any staff get-together, and any holiday party ends with everyone’s horrible singing. Your ears need you to change jobs. They’re begging you.

5. Your Internet Shoe Shopping is Out of Control

Your job has gotten so dull and lifeless that you’ve succumbed to the temptation of shoe shopping in the most dangerous place of all: the world wide web. You just meant to buy one pair of fall boots. Hey, they were on sale, so no one could blame you. But then it snowballed and now you’re shoe shopping via the Internet every single day. So it’s definitely time to locate a job that has less free time so you don’t go totally broke.

6. Your Office is Near Too Many Restaurants

Everyone can relate to this one, right? It’s so much better and healthier when your office is in the middle of nowhere and there are zero good food options and so you’re forced to pack a chicken salad every day for a healthy work lunch. You’re spending the majority of your monthly salary on delicious take-out and pizza and kale salads, not to mention the green juice addiction you’ve picked up because of the trendy juice bar in your office lobby. Yeah, it’s time to go.

7. You Commute 5 Hours a Day

Okay, so it’s more like an hour each way. But you’re still young and you don’t want to waste the few good years you have left on your commute to and from the office. That’s boring and stressful, not to mention super crowded. Why not find a position that allows you to walk to work? You’re going to save on your gym membership since you would be able to commute via foot and get some exercise in. Now you have simply no excuse not to find a job that’s closer to your apartment. It has to happen.

8. Your Office BFF Bakes you Way Too Many Cookies

She brings in cookies and other baked goods. Not every once in a while. Not when the baking mood strikes her. Every. Single. Day. You can’t take it. You’re going into sugar shock as we speak. You can no longer focus long enough to even read the massive amounts of emails that fly into your Inbox every hour. Your doctor’s wondering why your cholesterol is suddenly so high and why you seem braced for a heart attack. You were so healthy before. Next time around, don’t make friends with the people you work with. You don’t need the friendship cookies.

9. You Have Lots of Vacation Time

Isn’t this a good thing? Don’t you want to be able to travel wherever you want several times a year, making yourself even healthier both physically and mentally because you’re giving your exhausted self a break? No, you don’t want that. Why? Because now you’ve got a serious case of wanderlust. Seriously, you cannot be stopped. You’re a total travel monster now. You can’t stop making lists of all the places you want to go and the things you want to experience there. It’s making you hate your day-to-day life because let’s face it, your normal lifestyle can never be as fun and exciting as an exotic vacation, or even just a run-of-the-mill beach holiday. It’s a much better idea to find another position that doesn’t give you so much time off. Then you can just focus on work. Okay, so that sounds kind of boring, but that’s okay.

10. Your Company is Moving

It’s still the same awesome place it always was to work, it’s just now going to be in a different location. You can’t wrap your mind around it and you’d rather quit than embrace change. As far as you’re concerned, change is always bad. So there’s no point sticking around to find out how much worse things can get.

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If you have related to any of these top ten silly reasons, then it might be time to quit your job! Your work situation might be the best it could possibly be and you could still need to say goodbye to your boss and colleagues because it’s just not working out anymore. You can’t stuff yourself with birthday cake every day and waste money on trendy kale salads. It’s time to clock out for good and find a less tempting work environment.

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