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10 Types of Post Grads You Have Definitely Met

College is the best time of your life. I’m sure you have heard that before. You meet some amazing people, you have little responsibility, and you grow as a person. The people you meet are from different parts of the country, sometimes they are from a completely different part of the world, and you get to connect with them on a personal and educational level. That is something you wouldn’t get anywhere else. The lack of responsibilities is refreshing. You are free to do whatever you want to do. If you want to study, then you can study. If you want to party, go party. If you want take an extra-long nap, pass out and snore away. No one is stopping you.

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Another great part of college is that you really get to learn more about yourself. Personally, I am not the same person I was in high-school. I know that for a fact. I’ve experienced more of life, asked the hard questions, and I’ve become more comfortable in my own skin. Even though college is very expensive, I would do it all over again, at the same price. And that’s because college is the perfect place to begin your transition from high-school student to full- fledged adult.   

With that being said, where do you go from there? If college is the best time of your life, how do you move on after it’s over? We all have to graduate at some point. College is supposed to prepare you for the real world, and it does. College is the perfect example of the real world because it teaches you that people handle life in different ways, just like they have different ways of dealing with after graduation life. Some handle it better than others. Here are 10 types of post grads that you have probably met before.

1. Ambitious/ Goal Oriented

This type of post grad knows what he wants and is not going to let anything get in the way of his goals. This grad may not know exactly how to get his foot into the door but he is definitely trying to figure it out. The ambitious post grad spends hours and hours looking at job boards. He applies to internships, part-time jobs, full-time jobs, and anything else he thinks he is qualified for. He may seem a little neurotic but at the end of the day he will be the one with a job and everyone else will be wondering how he did it.

2. The Slacker

Playing video games

The slacker is a lazy college graduate. He has goals but doesn’t have the energy or motivation to accomplish them. He is comfortable playing video games at home and having his parents take care of him. He is basically a big moocher. To him, he is living the life. But to everyone else, he is annoying and needs to find a job. Before he knows it, he will be 30 and still living with his parents. That’s not okay.

3. The Traveler


This type of post grad has wanderlust. She desires to fall in love in Paris, visit the Great Wall, and go down under in Australia. The traveler doesn’t mind living on couches and being somewhat poor. She doesn’t long for a career right away and is okay with being alone. She just wants to see the world and experience what freedom truly means. The world is her playground and she can’t wait to play.

4. The Relationship Clinger

Don’t be surprised if your friend decided to get married after graduation. He or she is most likely a relationship clinger. They have goals but they put those on the back burner in order to support their spouse. They would follow their spouse anywhere and make sure that their relationship is rock solid. If you are in love, I say go for it. Be happy.  But if you have major trust issues, and that’s why you can’t detach yourself from your mate then you need to let it go.

5. The Settler

Ken Mad Men

You can find the settler working a job that he doesn’t really care for and definitely didn’t go to school to do. He just wanted to have a job in order to make money. He isn’t looking for anything special. Money is money, no matter how you make it, at least to him. He didn’t want to move back in with his parents. That would have been a nightmare. The settler is okay with having a job, in general. He never really had specific goals to begin with.

6. The Academic

This post grad decided to go back to school after graduating with a Bachelor’s degree. She either truly wanted to continue her education or she just couldn’t face the real world. Either way, she is a professional student and enjoys it. She loves to soak up new information and doesn’t mind studying for long periods of time.

7. The Cruiser

The cruiser doesn’t take life too seriously. He has goals but is not in a hurry to reach them. He gets a job as a bartender and is really good at it. He works incredibly hard and just enjoys life one day at a time. The cruiser just wants to have fun and doesn’t want the responsibility that comes with a career, at least for now.

8. The Lucky one

This is the post grad that everyone seems to hate. The lucky one somehow lands their dream job and starts right after graduation. It seems as if their life is extremely easy. Things just seem to fall into their lap. It is not hard to be jealous of the lucky one. I have a few lucky ones I’m extremely jealous of right now. Did they really work for that job?  Probably not. Why can’t things work out for you? I guess you’re not one of the lucky ones life is unfair.

9. The Emotional one

jess new girl crying

The emotional post grad never lets the tears stop flowing. Whenever she watches a movie about the “college life” she gets depressed. Tweets and Facebook posts from her friends send her into emotional distress. I can admit that I have cried a few times myself. We all have a little emotional post grad in us. It is especially hard to keep yourself from tearing up during the first couple of weeks in the real world. Just hold yourself together. It gets better.

10. The One Who Can't Move On

This is the worst type of post grad. The one who can’t move on is the one post grad you see who post pictures of their college years continuously on social media. They visit their college town daily and haven’t attempted to apply for a real job. This type of post grad is in limbo and can’t get out. If he could turn back time he would.

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You may fall into more than one type of post grad. That is typical. I have experience at least five of these types since graduating seven months ago. Post grad life is hard. There is no denying that. But there is so much more to look forward to. There are more amazing moments to come and college will just be one of many. Go ahead and wallow in post grad life for a while, but eventually you will have to dust yourself off and make moves. The world awaits what you have to offer and you need to show them what you are made off.

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