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10 Ways Dogs Encourage You to Become an Awesome Entrepreneur

There’s no doubt about it. Being an entrepreneur can be challenging. Most entrepreneurs run their own business without a partner, which means they have to juggle it all: finances, setting up a website, advertising, marketing, and the like. Running your own business also equals long hours and coming up with new ideas constantly. It’s not easy but doable if you set your mind to it.

Believe it or not, if you’re a new entrepreneur and have a furry friend to keep you company, count your blessings. It turns out besides being at your side every day while you’re working hard; they also offer a lot of encouragement just by being themselves. Take some time to observe your pooch -- you may learn some encouraging tips by being a pet owner and running a successful business simultaneously!

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1. Look beyond tomorrow

Don’t get so caught up in today’s issues that you lose sight of tomorrow. If you look at the bigger picture and make smaller goals along the way to make your business prosper, you will be able to stay optimistic. Whenever you leave your dog to go run some errands, she looks forward to your return. She can’t wait until you set foot inside your home again and focuses on when you’re coming back. Just like your pup is eager excited about the future, as should you. 

2. Focus on your rewards

Don’t you love giving your doggie a reward when she’s been a good girl? You can reward her multiple ways -- with a toy, treat, or by giving her extra attention. Just like your pooch loves her rewards, you should too! Think ahead to what rewards you may receive if you work hard. You can take a vacation to somewhere exotic, buy a new car, or save for your future. Focusing on your rewards can make you do great things! 

3. Keep racing toward the finish line

dog run cute

Your dog most likely loves to run. They’ll frolic through the field, flowers, or wherever else you take them, and they look so happy and free. They’re ready to go to the finish line, which is you! In the same way, every entrepreneur has set goals they’d like to achieve. Once you reach the finish line and accomplish a goal that was crucial to you, think of your pooch. She loves running towards the next finish line and chasing after more birds. There are always more goals for you to achieve and lessons to learn along the way. 

4. Make new friends

Most dogs, depending on the breed, are great at forming friendships with other dogs. They love playing, sleeping, and just hanging out with their doggie friends. You can do the same. Part of becoming a successful entrepreneur is befriending and networking with other business owners. Learn what has worked and hasn’t worked for them. Share your joys and frustrations with them too. It’s a lot easier to stay dedicated to your business if you have friends who will back you up along the way. 

5. Don't overextend yourself

cute dog

If you feel like you’re taking on too much too soon, concentrate on what you need to only. Dogs do a fantastic job at this. They work on one thing at a time, including sleeping! They don’t try to play with too many toys at a time because they know it’s not possible. Take the cue from your pooch -- don’t overextend yourself. Why? You’ll only end up worn out and frustrated, and no one wants to go crazy trying to do too many things at once! 

6. Shake off the bad hair days

There will be some days when you don’t want to get out of bed and when you do, your hair may look horrible! Besides the bad hairdo’, work just isn’t going the way you had hoped. It’s inevitable that you’re going to have bad days. The website may have some kinks, and a few new customers may not be completely satisfied. But just like your doggie shakes when she experiences a bad hair day, you must do the same. Shake it off and move on. 

7. Just be yourself

This phrase may be overused, but it’s true! If a family member or another entrepreneur encourages you to change a few focal aspects of your business that are core to what you and your stand business for, stick with what you know is best. Don’t cave to peer pressure or compromise the identity of your company because of others’ opinions. Does your dog apologize for who she is? No, she does not! She goes about her business every day and is true to who she is. That’s what so great about a pooch -- she has a one-of-a-kind personality and stays true to herself. You should do the same. 

8. Train yourself new tricks

If something isn’t working well in your company, switch things up. Your doggie changes toys all the time, especially when she gets tired of playing with the same one! She’s also eager to learn new tricks, especially when there are treats involved! It’s okay to change things up if a webinar, newsletter, or service isn’t being as effective as you’d like. Change it out for another webinar or completely revamp it with a new one -- training yourself to try something new to get the results you want is important. 

9. Sleep in some days

sleep in all day

Some of the perks of being an entrepreneur are sleeping in whenever you want, so take advantage of it! You probably won’t have time to sleep in with all of the hats you are wearing, but you should sleep in sometimes. In fact, your pooch will be more than willing to sleep in with you! Rest up because there will be many days ahead where you can work hard. Sometimes taking some time to sleep will rest your mind and provide you with fresh inspiration on how to improve your business and life. 

10. Just keep swimming

dog swimming

It’s true you will encounter days ahead where you feel like giving up and not swimming to the shore. But just like your pup naturally knows how to swim (it’s called the doggy paddle for a reason) you should continue to swim when you’re feeling discouraged and run down. Swim through the difficult waters and make your way to the water’s edge.

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Who would have thought that your pup could offer so much encouragement? So next time when you’re feeling discouraged about your business, look down at your doggie who’s at your side. Not only is she loving, encouraging, and a motivation to you -- she’ll continue to remind you that you should never give up. Be the very best entrepreneur you can be with your pooch there to encourage you along the way. 

Do you know of any other help that a dog can provide to an entrepreneur? Your thoughts and comments below...

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