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INTERVIEWS / DEC. 14, 2015
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10 Ways to Ruin Your Interview

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When you are out on the job hunt, there are some big interview no-no’s that you should know about. Just like being in class, there are some basic rules that you should follow to make sure employers will like you – if not hire you, and as such have more chances of making it past the stage one.  

Despite the enormous amount of information about job interviews that can be found online, many people still find it difficult to impress employers, and, they continue to make the same mistakes over and over again.

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If you think you are making these mistakes, then you might want to read on to see how you could be ruining your chances during the interview:

#1 Lying About Qualifications


Exaggerating skills and qualifications is not big news. Many people have done it (even CEOs), and some of them still do it, but it isn’t something they are proud of. That’s because this is lying and you shouldn’t be doing it. Not to mention employers can often tell if you are doing it, so it probably isn’t worth the risk. 

#2 Sending Another Person in Your Place

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I know this is unspeakable, but believe it or not, it has been done before. Right when you would think people have more sense than this, there comes this guy who sends his sister to an interview in his place. So not only did he ask someone to take his place, but he asked a member of the opposite sex. You can make your own judgement about how stupid this was.

#3 Showing up Drunk

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Nobody wants an alcoholic working for their company, so let me tell you a secret: Avoid going out the night before. Even if you have no intention of going to the interview while you are out of your head, you might do so without knowing. When you are hungover there is still some alcohol in your blood, so you better avoid partying too late. But, if you must go out, try to schedule the interview for a later date. Just don’t tell them it is so you can go out drinking.

#4 Wearing the Wrong Outfit

Employers can often tell how much you want the job by simply looking at what you are wearing. Jeans and bright colours are out of the question so stick to black, blue and grey which are neutral and have been linked to interview success. It is better to play it safe so avoid wearing that ridiculous outfit you chose last time.

#5 Getting Too Comfortable

It’s not clever to allow yourself to get too comfortable during the job interview. This could lead to sharing too much personal information or slouching in your chair which shows you are just too cool to care, and they might as well give the job to someone else. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by and remember to keep it professional by keeping a good body posture.

#6 Knowing Nothing about the Company

This is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make. As a jobseeker who is supposedly interested in the position, you should conduct some research about the company before you show up. This means it is not acceptable to ask employers what their business does. Unless you are Kit Harrington, you won’t get the job.

#7 Taking Food with You

Avoid taking your smelly food into the interview room – in fact, what about not taking any? The interview is probably going to last about 15 to 20 minutes anyway so I think you can control your hunger for that long. If you think you can’t, have a quick snack before the interview, but make sure you brush your teeth first. You don’t want any food left in your teeth. Not only is this disgusting, but it is also extremely distracting for employers.

#8 Asking no Questions

Shows interviewers you just came for fun, and that you don’t really care about the job. Although employers might give you enough information about the job, there is always a question that does the trick. Ask them about their future plans and goals and then comment on how you can help them achieve those goals. Don’t forget, this is a job interview, and you better come prepared.

#9 Trying Too Hard

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Ok, what do I mean by trying too hard? Well, do you remember that student from high school who always sat at the front desk just to show the teacher he was interested in what the teacher was saying? That’s you. But instead of the classroom you are in the interview room and you are doing the same thing right now. You ask a lot of meaningless questions, and you are buttering up employers just to get on their good side.

#10 Showing no Excitement

Employers hate the pessimists and naysayers. That’s why they want to hire candidates who show they have a go-to attitude and a pleasant personality. If you show up at the job interview refusing to talk to the interviewers, then you are just wasting their time. If you are not willing to go the extra mile or at least smile to show that you are enthusiastic about the job, you have hardly any chances of getting it.

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One last thing, if you are serious about a job then don’t ever make these huge mistakes.

How else could you ruin a big interview? Let me know what you know in the comments section below…

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