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13 Celebrity Names You Don’t Know How to Spell Because of Google

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1. Ellen DeGeneres
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E-l-l-e-n D-e-G-e-n-e-r-e-s. Ellen DeGenerous!

Close enough.

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That dreaded red squiggly line in Word is the bane of many people’s existence: mostly grammar Nazis, STEM students, professionals (quasiparticle is a real word, damn it!), and English teachers. But it’s a special kind of frustrating when the software’s spell checker refuses point blank to recognize your name as a correctly spelled series of letters. I mean, it’s your name, for crying out loud!

Your name can influence your career chances, and the following 15 names belong to people who made it big in their respective fields of music, film, TV, and sport. While their names are globally recognized, Word turns the other cheek, so you’re left with a document full of red squiggly lines and a deadline fast approaching. But that’s where Google comes in: it correctly spells the names for you, instantly eliminating the necessity for you to learn how to spell them yourself.

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What other celebrity names do you have trouble spelling and have to turn to Google to help you out? And, be honest: if someone held you at gunpoint and demanded you spell Arnold Schwarzenegger’s name (without Googling it), would you live to tell the tale? Let us know in the comments section below – assuming you did survive this very weird scenario!

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