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15 Dream Jobs That Pay More Than You Think

You may not have even heard of blimp pilots. And you may not know what a chief listening officer does all day. If you haven’t, you might be interested to know that both jobs are just two of the 15 jobs that will pay you very good money for doing interesting and unconventional work.

Awesome Jobs

The infographic produced by voucher and coupon site Savoo describes (very briefly) each of the jobs together with approximate salaries. Feast your eyes on tasty jobs such as professional ice cream taster, which pays $60K a year, or adrenalin-fuelled action packed work such as powerline helicopter pilot that pays a whopping $101K per year. Ethical hacking sounds good, too, and that pays  around $140K a year. If you have more genteel sensibilities, how about becoming a sommelier, or a food stylist ($77K)?

A job that pays well and is fun too – that’s got to be worth something?

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Have you ever had one of these jobs were any of them as awesome as they sound? Your thoughts and comments below please...

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