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2014: Year of the Freelance Working Mother

Gone are the days when mothers were stay at home heroines, whose only job was to make sure that linen was clean and stomachs were full. In the last 10 years, working mothers have come into their own, successfully sharing the responsibilities of home with their busy work schedules and hectic professional demands. The modern day mum has become disenfranchised with merely working in the home environment and has begun to crave success through professional, as well as personal achievement. 

Freelance opportunities are the holy grail of balancing work and home life for many mothers. The ability to be able to juggle work and home life has meant that large numbers of women can successfully earn, whilst still fulfilling their responsibilities at home. Thanks to the internet and constantly evolving methods in communication, freelance opportunities are becoming readily available through online resources.  Many of these opportunities are for remote work, including administrative support and sales work, all of which can be done with a PC and Internet connection. Essentially, this means that many women can work without having to leave their own home environment and without compromising their responsibilities to their family.

So does this ever changing technology herald greater opportunities for mothers who were once unable to work in certain capacities? It certainly provides a bigger platform for mothers to choose roles which they can fit around their commitments, without the need for any alteration to their existing schedules.  Advancing communications and technology, mean that certain professional opportunities which would have once been impossible, are now readily available and abundant. 

Online jobsites contain extensive freelance opportunities which appeal to those looking for flexibility. There are also a wide range of freelance websites which allow people to bid for individual projects and jobs, allowing bidders to pick and choose the job which suit them.  It is this flexibility which is the key to getting more mothers into self  employment and allows mothers to have more say in when and how they work. It also allows mothers to feel confident that their needs are being responded to and that their personal responsibilities are respected.

Whether its employment or self employment, mothers should be encouraged and nurtured in their working opportunities, both through the government and through private employers.  It is important that women are taken seriously in their professional roles, regardless of them having children and commitments. Getting more mothers into work will have positive effects on the economy, stimulating growth for private businesses, as well as getting people out of the benefits system.  It is pivotal that this increase in the number of working mums is allowed to continue and evolve in times of necessary economic upheaval.

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