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3 Apps That Could Help You Achieve Your Goals


It’s a month into the New Year, and about the time your determination to achieve your resolutions might be wavering. If you need a little extra boost to help keep you on track, then try an app. The beauty of many of the apps available is that you are encouraged to report your progress towards a goal or adherence to a resolution on a daily basis. This makes the process more like a game, and can be enough to help you form new habits – after all, doing the same thing every day for only a few weeks can be all you need to lay down the foundations to a real change in lifestyle or focus on your career goals.

Here I highlight three of the best apps available, but if they’re not right for you, do keep looking- there are dozens of options depending on the functionality you want and the type of goals you wish to achieve - and we could all do with a little help!

1. Lifetick

Lifetick is a thorough process-based tool, and walks you through the logical steps needed to define and achieve your goals, starting right at the beginning by making you consider your core values, before helping you set SMART goals, emailing you reminders, and allowing you to track and view your progress on an easy-to-use dashboard. One fun feature is the ability to write and record your ’bucket list’ of bigger dreams that you are looking to achieve at a later stage. The app is available for free, but to unlock all the bells and whistles you are charged an annual fee. 

2. Coach.me

Coach.me is a free-to-use app that allows you to set and track goals and habits in a simple way – asking you simply to ’check in’ to say you did achieve your specific goal for the day, whether that is to stick to a particular diet, get to bed before midnight or practice meditation. Goals can be lifestyle-related, aimed to boost your productivity, or anything else you’re working on. Your results are easy to view and you’re encouraged to achieve a ’streak’ of positive check-ins, which can be a massive psychological boost if you’re falling off the wagon. You can keep your goals private or share them with the community, and receive support and answers to your questions. For a fee you can even employ an online coach to help you along the way.

3. Strides

This app wins the prize for Prettiest Goal-Tracking App, with a variety of different options to track different goals simultaneously. Some goals might benefit from tracking an average, for example, whilst with others you want to see your progress toward a specific goal, or frequent compliance to an action to make it a habit. Whichever way you want to see your data, on Strides it will look beautiful; and wanting to look at the screen is half the battle in habit-forming and goal-tracking via your phone or tablet. 

Hopefully, a month into the year, your resolution has not completely fallen by the wayside already. If it has, try gamifying habit-forming with these apps, and see if a little gentle persuasion from your phone doesn’t make all the difference in helping you to achieve your lifestyle and career goals!

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