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3 Awesome Cheap Gifts For Your Boss

So, most people have a, let’s say, contested relationship with their immediate supervisor. No one likes to be told how they mess up, what deadlines they have to meet and if their performance is lack luster but the problem is it’s your boss’ job to point every one of those aggravating things out. On the other hand even professional relationships are human ones, and you need to keep up with the social conventions that mandate said human relationships. One of these mandates is gift-giving, whether it is on their birthday or Christmas- even though your boss makes five times what you do.

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So, let me save you some thought and money with this list of awesome cheap gifts (even tech ones!) for your boss.

1. First You Get The Power

So, this gift is inspired by the saying “keep it simple, stupid”; everyone has mobile devices that suck juice faster than a five year old with a sugar buzz. So, what can every person in the developed world use more of? You guessed it right: juice. Any sane person would love a power bank but you might need to observe a few things before you choose which one. Does your boss bring a briefcase or a bag to work? Why is this relevant? Well, you have little power banks and then huge ones that can charge a laptop and smaller ones that are for tablets and smartphones, and you need to decide which one would work best for them. Okay, so I’ll tell you about two really affordable power banks, one’s small the other is medium sized. Voted the first and second value for money power banks by PCadvisor the Lumsing Glory will put you back a measly 20.99 sterlings and the TPLink Power Bank will only put you back about 25. Added benefit is that your boss will love you a little bit more every time his/her butt is saved by your expertly gifted emergency power source.

2. Listen To Your Gut

Actually don’t; first you’re not even remotely flexible enough to get down there and I shudder at the possibilities of what you would do if you were. So, instead listen to some music…yeah that will save us both a lot of torment. And since you enjoy music, why don’t you give the gift of auditory fanfare? Perfect, I see you finally got what I was trying to insinuate…every office needs a bit of music, so here are a couple of Bluetooth enable speakers for the corner office (or whereever your boss has his/her office it’s cool). Etekcity Roverbeats not only is a sexy looking piece of tech that any exec would be proud of it also has amazing battery life, so they can be completely mobile; best part they’ll only cost you 29.99 sterlings. The next little musical powerhouses are House of Marley Chant Bluetooth and if you thought the previous gadget was sexy these are downright salacious.  It has a refined design is constructed exclusively from recycled materials making eco-friendly to boot…not that your corporate greedy boss cares but it’s something.

3. The Writing on The Wall

As kids, most of us would throw a sh*t-fit if we got books, but luckily as adults, most people love books. If your boss is a book lover, then your job is easy, you can get them a subscription or gift card to one of many ebook retailers including Kindle Unlimited, Oyster and my personal favorite Scribd.  Scribd not only comes with a free 14 day trial, it only costs a reasonable $8.99.

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Do you have any other boss-friendly gadgets? Let us know in the comment section below.  

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