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3 Branding Lessons Learnt from the Kardashians

As one of the most widely recognized and watched families in the world, there is a lesson or two that big companies can learn from the Kardashians. Whether you are a proud Kardashian fan or a closeted one, these people have entered the lives of millions worldwide and made their fortune from it.

They are famous for… wait - what are they famous for? I suppose these celebrities are famous for being famous - their limitless celebrity status comes from just being themselves - and that is exactly why the Kardashians are the best example to learn about branding your company.

Here are 3 lessons you can use to brand your company, yourself or a product:

#1 Use Various Social Network

The wider your social network, the more people you will reach. It’s simple mathematics - if you have the opportunity to target audiences from different platforms, then why shouldn’t you? The Kardashians use Twitter, Instagram, Keek and their blog to target as many eyes as possible. If you are starting out your brand in the market, it is best to establish it on the major platforms, these include:

·         Facebook
·         Twitter
·         Instagram
·         Pinterest
·         Google+
·         Tumblr

Product marketing is best on the above mentioned social networks, while company presence should be established on these as well:

·         LinkedIn
·         YouTube

The more networks you have your brand on, the more optimized your reach becomes. So set up your accounts, unify them and make sure you maintain the content!

#2 Post Regularly

Once you establish your social presence, the most important thing to do is maintain it. If you forget to post on a regular basis, your reputation as a good page will decrease in the eyes of your fans. Create relevant content and make sure you maintain your page.

The Kardashians have their blog, which is hosted on, from which they post content directly onto Facebook. This way they are always interacting with their fans through the largest social network in the world. Furthermore, they make sure that they tweet and post on Instagram to keep their presence solid amongst their fans.

Another marketing lesson that can be picked up from content production here is that the Kardashians always lag their content across their social profiles. This means that they may post an image on Twitter, but they wait 12-24 hours to post it on Instagram. By doing this, they are able to target a larger and much wider audience.

#3 Remember your Fans

The one factor that makes the Kardashian clan extremely popular on social networks is their engagement with their fans - Khloe Kardashian in particular. They all make sure that they retweet, reply and comment for their fans as this helps them connect with people on a more personal level.

As a brand, it is imperative to humanize your social profiles and connect with the fans. This results in loyal customers as well as increased engagement. Make sure you add pictures from the office to your page, host webchats and become a person online, rather than a static name. The more you bring in the human element, the more likely it is to boost your followers. 

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