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3 Career Mistakes You Need To Put a Stop To

Career mistakes can have a huge impact on your career progression, so be sure to tread carefully to avoid altering the path of your career unpredictably. If you have specific career aspirations, use the guide below to ensure that you do everything in your power to avoid destroying your career dreams.

Switching jobs frequently

A job seeker who has switched jobs many times in a short space of time will always be approached with caution by a recruiter. Try to stay in each of your jobs for at least 1 year, in order to avoid being as seen as someone who lacks commitment, direction and ambition.

When accepting a job ensure that you are 100% committed to it before signing on the line. If you have a hint of doubt about the position, don’t accept it. Instead, carefully review your current job and find ways to improve your happiness in your current role.

Working in isolation

In today’s multifaceted day and age, many employees fail to realise the benefits of working in a team. By keeping yourself in isolation in the workplace, you will become self-centred and forget how to develop your networking and interpersonal skills.

To change your situation, try to socialise with others from outside of your department during lunch or breaks. This will help you to broaden your network, meet a range of people and educate yourself.

Failing to admit your mistakes

One of the biggest mistakes an employee can make is to fail to admit to their own mistakes. Instead, they pass the buck from one person to another, seemingly embarrassed by the fact they have made an error of judgement – something that we are all guilty of from time to time.

Being mindful of the truth and learning to admit your mistakes will undoubtedly help you to achieve success in both your professional and personal life. After all, the best way to learn is to make a mistake, so aim to work on your weaknesses to help you reach your goals.




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