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3 Career Stoppers for Women

As a woman in the workplace you probably know that things can be pretty rough, fighting to be put in charge of projects is a constant battle, while promotions and/or raises are never easy to come by. But since there are few things you can do about it, you probably struggle on and hope that one day you’ll be in charge of the company and that you’ll ban gender discrimination and gender pay gap from the workplace once and for all.

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The reality however is that women often tend to sabotage themselves in the workplace, they often get intimated by the inequality in the workplace and start putting career stoppers for themselves. In order to get rid of this disease that plagues most women in the workplace, it’s important to identify the career stoppers you’ve been putting for yourself and stop doing it.

1. Waiting for Permission

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It’s often the case that brilliant women who in all other aspects of their lives are go-getters put barriers for themselves when it comes to getting what they want at work. They often think that they have to wait for approval or they expect some kind of sign from their bosses to know that it’s ok to take a risk. As understandable as it is to want to minimize the risk of failure in male dominated industries, it’s important to take risks and launch yourself forward. Remember that promotions and leadership positions rarely go to those who hold back.

2. Expecting to Be Rewarded


Similarly, women often find themselves expecting some kind of reward for a job well done. It links back to what we discussed in the previous point; precisely because it’s so difficult for women to take risks in the corporate world, women who do take risks expect that they should be praised if it all pans out and get anxious when they are not. However, the reality is that bosses expect us to get things right and that’s what they pay us for, they couldn’t care less whether we were scared to do the thing we did or not which is why most of them won’t even think about praising their employee who did well.

3. Not Focusing on the Task at Hand


Stereotypically women are considered dreamers, however that’s not true for all women and it definitely isn’t just true for some women alone, men have actually been known to be dreamers as well. What however is true for most women in the workplace is their difficulty with concentrating on a single task at a time. This is probably the result of most women’s ability to multitask even when at work. However, research has actually proven that multitasking is actually bad for our brains and thus multitasking is a counter-productive tactic at work. It’s been proven that taking one task at a time can yield better results than tackling lots of thing simultaneously and women who are interested in advancing their careers should put their best efforts forward to demonstrate that they can successfully deal with one task at a time, hand it in time and have excellent results.

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These career stoppers are definitely not true for all the women in the workplace, but I’m certain that most women will identify with them. As a woman in the workplace it’s important to be brave and to be a risk-taker because this can help you climb the corporate ladder that much faster.

What other stoppers do women put for themselves? Share with us your opinions in the comment section below.

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