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WEB & TECH / JUN. 01, 2016
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3 Common Mistakes in Mobile Marketing

It is 2016 and mobile has become a very pervasive medium. Everyone, especially millennials are glued to their devices everywhere they go. So, mobile marketing is a skyrocketing business - brands need to harness the power of mobile if they want to reach their target audience. Many brands have embraced this idea, however, creating a mobile app is not enough; you also have to promote it correctly, something that not many companies do.

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Here is a list of the most common mobile marketing mistakes.

1. The Mobile Experience

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Mobile User Experience (UX) is a very important aspect of mobile marketing and should be thoroughly examined during the design process. Many designers fail to do this and instead try to pointlessly shrink the desktop version into a small smartphone screen. Designers should take advantage of the small screen as it allows you to focus only on what truly matters.

How to avoid this mistake: try to focus the users’ attention on a few areas that are important. Trim down the functionality of the desktop version to just a few important things. Use large buttons and visual appeal with emphasis on the important bits of the main page and the users will have a great UX.

2. Proper Marketing Strategy

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Unfortunately, mobile marketing is not an easy matter; creating an app and just throwing it in the app store isn’t enough. You cannot take it for granted that people are going to download the app just because it’s available. You need a proactive mobile app marketing strategy to properly market your mobile app.

The biggest mistake marketers do is never mentioning or promoting their app on their landing page. Since you already have a website, you need to let all your visitors know about the availability of your mobile app.

How to avoid this mistake:  now that everyone is using smartphones, those who find out about your app’s availability will download it to make their lives easier. Use all methods of media communication such as email, website, and social media to share information about your app over and over again.

3. Mobile Website Instead of App

millennials on mobile

With millions of apps available on the app store the competition and expectations are also high. It would be foolish to spend money and resources on creating a mobile website and portraying it as an app - customers are not stupid, they know the difference.

If you try to fool them, then they will reject your attempt without a second thought. They don’t care about the development process, or how difficult it is to make a great app; all they care about is their own experience.

How to avoid this mistake: Instead of building a mobile app compatible with multiple platforms focus on creating one app for one platform. After that, you can take the time to test it thoroughly and in the future build better apps or even focus on creating apps for multiple platforms.

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Can you think of any other common mobile marketing mistakes? Share them below...

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