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3 Crazy Jobs That Could Exist in the Future

The future has been far from a surprise up until now: our cars still roll on wheels while burning dinosaur juice, our hover boards discernably lack the “hover” part of their namesake, and we still have to eat food that isn’t in any way shrunken, dehydrated or emulsified. Okay, the food part isn’t actually true: most of today’s processed foods are practically plastic. Okay, okay… they are made from plastic – but with plastic in them. Po-tay-to, po-tah-to.

Well, much like our plastic food, the job market is constantly evolving and changing, but what does the future hold for us? What might be the craziest jobs that could exist in the future? I don’t know – let me research it for a second.

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1. Drone Insurance Adjuster / Drone Injury Lawyers / Drone Regulators



Drones are being used more and more in recent years by hobbyists to drug dealers. No, seriously, drug dealers are now using drones to move drugs over borders. And not just consumer-level drones, but the big boys military forces use across the world.

But it’s not just hobbyists and ruthless drug kingpins that are using them, though; companies like Amazon, Walmart, Google, DHL, Domino’s, and even pizzerias are thinking of or already using drones. With these little bladed potential injury-inflicting machines whizzing over our heads in greater and greater frequency, they will need to be regulated and subjected to criminal and insurance law. I mean, it’s like we have drone injury lawyers today… Oh, wait… We actually do?

2. Social Media Addiction Therapist


The internet is arguably the most beneficial and significant invention of our era. It has democratized knowledge, spread information at rates humanity has never seen before, and has shown us facets of our sexuality so dark they would make the Marquis de Sade (NSFW link) say: “My God, that is a bit too much!”

Just like any other technology, though, the internet has shown its potential for abuse, misuse, and dependency. As speeds and accessibility increase, so will our dependency on the internet. Oh wait, it’s already happening?

Yes, known as iDisorders, these new maladies include internet addiction disorder, problematic internet use, compulsive internet use, and pathological computer use. In recent years, psychologists have also noticed a rise of narcissism speculated to have to do with the rise in popularity of social media. It even goes as far as speculating that teenagers are experiencing what is being called “Facebook Addiction”, resulting in rapid mood swings and aggression.

Well, there’s bound to be a new social media platform or a new device that will only make people even more addicted to the internet, so you’ll definitely have job security.

3. Non-Lethal Weapons Engineer

What would the future be without lasersaudio, and microwave weapons? Well, the technology already exists, even if it is in its infancy. This means that it will develop further, and once it becomes feasible pieces of both military and law enforcement equipment, they’ll need people to make more and maintain the ones that are being used. We even have video game-worthy, traction-lowering gel weapons! And let’s not forget the Iron Man suit that the US military is currently developing.

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What other jobs do you think will exist in the future? Let us know in the comments section below!


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