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3 Job Searching Lessons from Friends

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1. #1 Get the Fear – Rachel quits her coffee shop job
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In season 3 episode 10, Rachel finally realizes how much she hates her job at the coffee shop. This is a feeling that many of us feel, however we don’t have the ambition or drive to take the next step. On the persuasion of Joey and Chandler, she quits her job without having another. While this is not a recommended step, she develops “the fear” and is motivated to apply for as many jobs as possible. Once you decide to take a change in your career, make sure you follow through and take the necessary measures – just like Rachel, who finds a job in the fashion industry after she quits.

As one of the most successful shows of our time, Friends has proven to be a guide on life ranging from issues such as work, relationships and everything in between. The storyline was based on the lives of 6 New Yorkers who come together, showing their highs and lows for a period of 10 years. As an avid fan myself, I can easily say that I learned a lot from this show – aside from the entertainment it provided.

Here are the 3 career lessons you can take away from Friends:

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