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3 Phrases to Say to your Employees

With a number of jobs on the line, many companies have been overlooking the importance of maintaining a good employer-employee relationship. It all comes down to company culture – that is if your company has one. As an employer, you need to establish that your employees are valuable despite the fragile economy. Without providing them security, employers risk the chance of demotivating their employees as they are not driven to perform optimally.

Here are 3 important and powerful phrases that managers should say to their employees to encourage and motivate them:

Can you help me?

This simple phrase demonstrates that you are in need of someone’s assistance to achieve a goal – a feat that many managers are ashamed to admit. You are not superman and admitting your weakness to motivate your employees is going to be a triumph you will experience in the end. By asking this easy question, you are openly giving your employee the opportunity to shine, whilst also demonstrating that you respect their opinion and advice.

What do you think?

Asking an employees opinion is the ultimate vote of confidence that an employer can give their employee. Whether it is in a meeting or via email, openly request you employee to share their opinion. This will make them feel important and their voice is valuable to the company. Many managers refrain from asking g their employee’s judgment due to fear of being outshined, but only good managers see the reward in displaying their gem employees openly.

Thank you

A large number of managers feel that their position gives them some kind of birth right to control and intimidate their employees without the simplest appreciation. If you don’t show you employees that you value them, they are likely to give an average performance and be demotivated to stay in the company. A simple ‘thank you’ to your employees shows them that you notice their effort and appreciate their contribution – whether it is after they photocopied something for you or when they achieve targets.   

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