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WEB & TECH / APR. 12, 2016
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3 Reasons E-mail Marketing Is Still a Powerful Tool for Business

It often seems that email marketing belongs in the past. With social media bringing you ever so close to your audience and sponsored posts opening you up to a whole new audience, email marketing simply seems as an ineffective, waste-of-time kind of strategy.

However, there’s a reason most major companies still include emails in their marketing strategies and the reason for that is that email marketing is very effective. It requires next to zero expenses and it offers you a more intimate relationship with your audience.

If you are a business owner, you should include email in your marketing strategy because email marketing is still a powerful tool for business.

1. Helps You Keep Customers Informed About Your Business

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The real struggle with having a business is getting your customers to come back again and again. It’s not always easy because customers get easily distracted and they might be attracted to other businesses but email marketing ensures some level of loyalty as it offers you the possibility of informing your customers about your business on a regular basis. This is why lots of businesses opt for newsletters. They can inform their customers about their news, upcoming discounts and offers etc.

Email marketing simply ensures that when you have something to tell your customers about your business you have the means to tell them.

2. Helps You Reach a Wider Spectrum of Your Customers

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Email marketing ensures that you will be reaching a wider spectrum of your customers as nowadays everyone has their email account synced with their smartphone, so sending an email to your customers about an offer or about a new collection you’ve just brought it ensures that your clients will see the email.

Even if they don’t proceed to buy something, they’ll be reminded of the business and this will strengthen the bond between you and the customer.

3. Helps Boost Sales

If you have a business then you probably know that giving incentives to your customers to buy from you can really drive sales. This is in fact why so many businesses have discounts and offers on a regular basis; the problem many businesses face, however, is making their audience aware of said discounts and offers. And this is where email marketing fits in.

Sending an email to inform your customers about an upcoming discount is neither difficult nor expensive, and it can in fact help boost your sales. It will get people to your store and it will give an incentive to people to buy from you.

Email marketing works even better when you make it even more personal; send your customers a personalized email with a code they can use to get a special discount or so, and you’ll see your sales go to the roof.

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Email marketing is a great way to get in touch with your customers and motivate them to buy, but even just with reminding them of your brand can enhance long-term loyalty which can help drive sales in the future.

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