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3 Surprising Reasons Why You Should Leave Your Job Right Now

We all know your secret. You have silently (or out loud) criticized your coworker who changed jobs five times in the same time you had one. He or she is obviously unpredictable, treacherous and has commitment issues. But guess what? They are also doing better than you in the current professional climate.

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They have a richer resume, more references, and more money in their pockets- that’s a fact. Even though job hoppers used to be frowned upon, this is no longer the case - shorter periods of employment are more acceptable than they used to be.

Do you have a lower number of jobs than your coworkers? Well, I have put together a list of good reasons why you should consider being disloyal and leave your job right now.

1. Expand Your Skill Set

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If you frequently change jobs, you tend to develop and expand your skill set. By changing industry or company size each time you change job, then you can market yourself to a broader field for each successive job. If you start doing this early on in your career, it also means that you end up with more experience, knowledge, and skills that can eventually help you climb the ladder faster than someone who stays in the same position for years.

You need to be extra careful to avoid staying at a company which limits your chances of building a strong professional skill set and doesn’t embrace this with open arms - just quit ASAP.

2. Expand Your Network


It’s pure mathematics. The more jobs you have - which end on good terms, the more ex-coworkers, bosses and references you will have - the wider your network will be. And you know that they say - it’s not what you know it is who you know.

However, keep in mind that to do that successfully you need to remember that strong networking relationships are built with time and trust. So, if you change jobs too quickly this can turn out to be a career disaster - try to change jobs every three to five years, doing it every year or it might ruin your chances.

3. Make More Money

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One of the most common reasons for job hopping is to get more money, faster. People who job hop usually climb the wage ladder faster than those who stay stuck at one company for many years.

People who stay at a company for long periods of time may get a wage increase, but it may not be that significant. The reason for frequent job hopping is usually the promise of a higher wage. Who would quit their current secure job to go to a different job with a lower wage? Only if they are desperate to leave their current job due to reasons such as: a horrible boss, bad working environment, no career progression, relocating to a different city or country etc.

So stop judging that coworker of yours who keeps job hopping and learn from their career moves. Maybe they are not big losers after all.

Can you think of any other reasons why you should leave your job right now? Let us know below…

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