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3 Things Managers Should Not Say to their Staff

Being an office manager is often a responsibility that requires the individual to step up their game and be an inspiring employee. Many individuals consider their manager to be a role model, looking up to them for advice and guidance in their own career. Successful managers are those individuals who manage to lead a productive team that respects them. To become such a manager, it is important to abide by correct office etiquette and observe polite manners whilst being a motivating and inspiring leader.

The following are some phrases that managers should refrain from using in a professional environment as they demonstrate poor communication skills as well as the individuals inability to manage employees:

If you don’t want this job, I can find someone else who does

Building a stable and strong relationship with your employees is an important part of being a manager. As the manager of a department, you are responsible for ensuring that your employees work in a productive manner and are happy in their work place environment. Successful managers understand the importance if hiring and keeping good people, thus they treat them accordingly. A good leader has the intuition to understand the scope and potential of their employees thus they do not taunt and threaten their employees about their job security.

Drop everything and DO THIS NOW!

The first sign of an individual with poor managerial skills is disorganization and failure to communicate. Manager can have last-minute urgent projects that they throw upon their employees; however a manager that does this on a daily basis comes across as unqualified and disorganized. It is imperative that your employees respect you and take you seriously but if you keep bombarding them with “urgent” work, it reflects poorly on you.

In these times, you’re lucky to have a job at all

This statement is a paradox that some managers say to their employees in a bid to motivate them. It does not work as a motivational technique as it makes employees feel frustrated, disappointed and unvalued in the work place. Managers that make their employees feel unwanted and disposable tend to have unproductive staff. It is integral that you keep your employees motivated and happy in the workplace as otherwise the work environment is negative.

The above are the three phrases that managers should refrain from using in the workplace as they indicate an unprofessional and unqualified manager who has poor organization skills. It is imperative that you build a strong bond with your employees and earn their trust and respect to be a successful manager. Therefore it is advised to stay away from these phrases and motivate your employees in a positive and professional manner. 

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