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3 Things Your Boss Honestly Wishes You Would Do

Whether we hate our bosses or not, we always try to please them, probably because they hold power over our financial future, but it’s not just that. Most of us want to please our bosses because we know that by doing so we are opening up ourselves to potential career advancement.

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Some of us are more eager in finding ways to please their bosses while others are aware that deep down all that matters is how efficient you are in your job. But no matter which strategy you choose to go about pleasing your boss, do we ever really know if our bosses are pleased with us?

The reality is that there are lots of things our bosses honestly wish that we’d do but are too nice(?) –as if- to say so. So, take a look at the things featured in the list below and let us know if you do any of these things.

1. Take Criticism Positively

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Let’s face it, no matter how much we like to say that we appreciate feedback, the reality is that we don’t always handle it well. No one likes to be told off especially by our boss. That’s why most of us overreact when our boss is criticising us and why we tend to think that with one snide remark our boss wants to fire us.

But if you are looking to get on your boss’s good side, it’s important to learn to take criticism positively. Don’t overreact, don’t get tears in your eyes that you need to fight back, simply be chilled about it and reassure your boss that it’s never going to happen again.

2. Take Action

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Going to your boss for everything may seem like a good idea but is it really? Do you really think that your boss likes to be bothered with every minor decision that you need to make? Well, let me tell you that bosses hate having to think about mundane tasks and that is why they employ you as a matter of fact. So, take initiative whenever and as often as you can and your boss will soon appreciate your leadership abilities.

Similarly, having to wait for your boss to tell you to do something is really not advised in the workplace. You need to take action on your own because this will show initiative and that risk-taking factor that employers always look for in new employees.

3. Say What You Want

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A common mistake we all make in the workplace is waiting for our boss to figure out what we want, whether that’s praise, raise or promotion. The reality is that our bosses rarely take our needs to heart which is why if you don’t speak up there are very slim chances that you’ll actually be rewarded. So, simply plug up the courage and go to your boss with your demands. Needless to say these demands should be reasonable and you should do your due diligence before requesting them, but if everything points to the fact that now is the time to ask for more money or a promotion, then by all means walk yourself into your boss’s office and ask them for what you want.

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Sometimes bosses seem very incomprehensible beings; it’s not always clear what they want or what will make them happy but remember that every now and again your boss is just like any other human being so don’t treat them like a deity.

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