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WORKPLACE / JUL. 14, 2016
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3 Times You Should Tell Your Boss That It’s Not Your Best Work

Coming clean with your boss about the quality of your work is not easy, but there are times that you should do it.. This guide will help you with that.

No matter what your relationship with your boss is like, whether you are BFFs or not, I’m confident that the quality of your work is a topic you’d much rather stay away from. Nobody likes their work to be criticized, especially by their boss, but there are times that you will need to address the issue.

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If you’re wondering when you should tell your boss that you haven't done your best work, then you’ve come to the right place because here are the three times you should address the issue yourself.

1. When You Need Feedback

We often forget that other than being responsible for our salaries, our bosses are also supposed to be in charge of making us better professionals. Remember that making you a better professional means that your work will also improve which means that your boss and the company can benefit as well, so it’s sort of like a chain reaction.

So, when you’re in doubt about your work you shouldn’t be afraid to ask your boss. You’re not supposed to have all the answers, just like it’s possible that your boss doesn’t have all the answers. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it, just keep in mind that asking your boss for feedback can help prevent mistakes that could hurt the project you’re working on.

2. When There’s No Safety Net


If you’ve been recently been promoted to a position where there’s no one immediately above you, you might need to fess up to your boss about your work. Being in charge of something can be great, what’s not great though is the fact that there might be no one to see your mistake.

So, if you’re feeling uncertain about something or if you think that there’s a chance that something will wrong it’s best to tell your boss that your work needs to be reviewed. Remember that if there’s a mistake and it’s not caught before the project goes public, this can be dangerous for the company as well as your position.

3. When You Need Something Taken Off Your Plate

There are times that we all have to do sucky work and no matter how much time and energy we invest in it; we can’t get it to look like something we’d be proud of. But, you should make a point of always delivering top notch work. Otherwise, you risk looking less professional than you are.

And it’s in cases like this that you may want to consider asking your boss to take something off your plate. If you are certain that you won’t be able to rise to the situation tell your boss that you are too busy to dedicate the amount of work needed to improve this project and ask them if someone else could take over. Make sure that you explain your reasoning to your boss and even though they might not be happy about it, at least you’ll save yourself from handing in work that does not reflect the level of professionalism you wish to demonstrate.

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Have you ever had to tell your boss that you didn’t do your best work? Let us know your experiences in the comment section below.

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