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3-Year Action Plan to Help 65,000 Young Albanian Women and Men

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Press release | 11 July 2011

Around 65,000 young Albanian women and men will benefit from a 3-year Action Plan for Youth Employment in Albania launched on 19 July 2011 in Tirana, Albania, in the presence of representatives from line ministries, the social partners, the private sector, national and regional institutions, development partners and civil society. This is the result of over 1 year of consultations led by the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities.

Developed by the Ministry of Labour within the framework of the UN Joint Programme on Youth Employment and Migration, the Action Plan on Youth Employment proposes 44 policy options that the Ministry of Labour is putting forward to benefit, over the next 3 years, around 65,000 young Albanian women and men. This is around 10 % of the young Albanians aged between 15 and 29 years old. 70% of them (around 47,000 young Albanians) will be in decent work by the end of the period. The total cost of the Action Plan on Youth Employment is estimated at US$ 17,550,000 for the three-year period. Approximately US$11 million has already been pledged and/or made available either through the measures envisaged by the Government of Albania (and already budgeted) or donor-funded technical cooperation programmes. The remaining US$ 6.5 million required (e.g. approximately US$ 2.2 million per year) will need to be raised through multi- and bi-lateral technical cooperation assistance.

Deputy Minister of Labour, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, Mr. Kastriot Sulka emphasized: “The extent of the youth employment challenge in Albania calls for preventive and curative approaches that address at the same time labour supply and demand and require the sustained involvement of governmental agencies, national and local administrations, labour market institutions, including employers’ and workers’ organizations, and civil society. … Events like the “Arab Spring” have reiterated for all of us the political urgency of responding to the challenge of youth employment as a precondition for poverty eradication, sustainable development and lasting peace.”.

Mr. Norimasa Shimomura, UNDP Country Director, who also participated in the event noted: “Tackling youth employment is key to the broad issues of poverty reduction and sustainable development. The United Nations in Albania support the efforts of the Albanian Government to integrate the policy priorities on youth employment in the National Strategy for Development and Integration (NSDI) through a wide range of programmes.”

Ms. Daniela Zampini, Chief Technical Adviser of the UN Programme on Youth Employment and Migration, expressed “deepest admiration for the leadership role assumed by the Ministry of Labour, which has taken upon itself the great responsibility of shaping a better future for Albanian youth”.

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