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35 Jobs That Don’t Exist Any more

If you thought, some of the career options available today are strange, or just plain nasty take a look at this list and count your lucky stars these jobs don’t still exist!

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1. Phrenologist – a pseudo-scientist that attempted to estimate a person’s intellect via their skull structures

2. River Pigs – they would move stuck logs along rivers when stuck

3. Powder Monkeys (why so many animal named jobs?) – young children that brought black powder to cannons on ships…yeah children running around a ship with explosives was actually a job back then and not an invitation for child protection services.

4. Badgers (origin of the term to ‘badger’ someone) – a middle man that would by farmer’s goods and sell them at market

5. Rattener – A rat collector that sold his rodent cache to pubs….

6. Leech Collectors – collected marshmallows and rainbow farts for medical procedures, nope they caught leeches.

7. Resurrectionists – sourced cadavers for medical schools

8. Sin-eater – food and drink would be placed on a body to absorb the departed’s sins. A person would then eat that food with a side of succulent sin.   

9. Knocker up - human alarm clock, would knock on doors and windows to wake people

10. Lector - human RSS feed, would read the newspaper to Victorian factory workers

11. Mudlarks – they would fish valuables out of the river-bed and sell them  

12. Filibusters – American Mercenaries in South America

13. Lungs - human fire fans  in Alchemic labs.

14. Alnagers – would gauge the quality and universal quantity of cloth

15. Necessary Woman – would clean out chamber pots for pre-porcelain throne people.

16. Lamplighters – the job is in the name

17. Ice Cutters – see above

18. Fuller – would condition cloth by stepping on it with a mixture of clay and urine

19. Thimblerigger – the precursor to the also nearly extinct three cup ball game (non-sexual variation)

20. Pinsetters – Young boys that would set pins in bowling alleys

21. Dog Whippers – No comment, self-explanatory

22. Gong Farmer – these men would come at night at take your poo, and you thought the boogeyman was scary

23. Herb Strewer – human potpourri dispensers, would through aromatic herbs at the feet of royals to mask the smell of Victorian….everywhere.

24. Catchpole – Default Debt Collector

25. Weirkeeper – fish trap tender

26. Hobblers – Human Tugboats

27. Arkwrights – they would make wooden chest and storage solutions. Human IKEA’s?

28. Redsmiths – Coppersmith’s

29. Knackers – Harness makers

30. Chandlers - Candlemakers

31. Egglers – Egg sellers

32. Colliers – Charcoal sellers

33. Haberdashers – Men accessory sellers

34. Ackerman – Ox herders

35. Hayward – policemen that watched fences…

Wow, some of those are really, really dumb! Do you have any others you would like to add to our list? Let me know in the comment section below.

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