FOOD & FITNESS / FEB. 16, 2015
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3Drag: The First 3D Printer for Chocolate

The dream of every chocaholic has come true, as the first 3D printer for chocolate has been launched. 3Drag is a printer that produces 3D prints of chocolate in especially tempting shapes. At the same time, the printer enables you to decorate cakes with inventive patterns and letters made from chocolate. The good news for bakers and confectioners is that this device automatically adjusts the temperature needed for the chocolate to solidify.

This creative printer comes with a pastry bag, and a heated aluminum cylinder with which you can create your favourite shapes and designs using any kind of chocolate – dark, white or milk.

The chocolate designs are created on special software whereas the operation of the tube is directed through a PC.

With these developments, you may be excited to start making those Valentine’s Day sweets early this year. Watch this video to find out what 3Drag can do for you…

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