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4 Career Lessons From Lena Dunham


Dunham is the hero of Generation Y. We just love her; we can’t get enough of her. She’s certainly on the list for my dream dinner party anyway. From creating the top HBO series ’Girls’ to penning a brilliant collection of essays in ’Not That Kind of Girl’, at just 28, lovely Lena has had some great successes and is hugely talented. She’s also a person who we can look up to, a strong woman, a career woman, an outspoken woman. What a gem!

1. Be Yourself

Lena Dunham is never anything but herself. She is comfortable in her skin and style. She is more than happy to share her own story with the world, even if there is a little dirty laundry mixed in there. More importantly, Dunham has created a successful career by being herself.

So by being yourself, putting yourself out there and developing your own personal brand, you are likely to get noticed. Plus, only by being yourself can you let your skills and talents really shine. This is particularly true when it comes to creativity and generating ideas.

2. Be Open

Another key lesson we can learn from the Girls creator and star is to be open about our opinions. Dunham often speaks openly about her thoughts on important social matters such as gay rights, feminism and body image. And this is one of the main reasons why we love her so much!

So why not take a leaf out of her book? Don’t shy away and sit in the corner any longer. Air your opinions and you will gain respect and maybe even bring about change in the workplace.

3. F the Haters

F stands for forget, of course. It’s no surprise that Dunham gets stick from time to time, being a strong, opinionated woman. Most recently, she received a lot of negative attention concerning some of the stories in her book. The way in which she reacted to the haters is what we can learn from. She stood by her word with grace and dignity.

So when it comes to receiving criticism that isn’t constructive at work, ignore it. Always stand by your decisions and actions, and steer clear of any negativity because it’s just not productive.

4. Mix it Up

Lena Dunham has also been successful in a variety of ventures. Although she’s most known for her hit TV show, she’s also made movies like Tiny Furniture, and obviously written a book.

What we can take away from this is that we should all be dipping our toes into many different pools. If things are getting stale when it comes to your career then try something new. At your current job you could ask for some training in different areas of the business or you could go the whole hog and try a different career.

Her bubbly and vibrant personality is what really makes Dunham so special. And then there’s her creative genius and quick whit, of course. She is certainly somebody we can learn from when it comes to her work, her career and her life outside of all that.


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