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4 Careers That Require Excellent Language and Research Skills

Good language skills are a requirement for most careers. If you have exceptional language and research skills, however, you have an edge on the job market. These skills predispose you for careers in fields that are not cut out for most people. This combined with proper training guarantees you success in the field you choose to pursue.

Academic Career

With good research and language skills you can pursue higher education to the highest level. A graduate degree in masters or doctorate requires extensive research in all its areas. If your choice of study is in the social sciences or humanities, your language prowess will come in handy. The excellent skills in research and language continue to serve you if you choose to be an undergraduate or graduate professor. Such skills and proficiency in language are vital in research for teaching, writing books and getting grounded in your career.

Writing or Editing Job

In whatever field of writing, be it book writing, newspaper reporting or online writing, a good command of the language you are writing in and plenty of research into the subject matter are required. Most forms of writing will pass through an editor before being published. As an editor, you will also require well-refined skills in language and extensive knowledge to corroborate what you are editing. With a bachelor’s degree in communication, English or Journalism your excellent language and research skills are well enhanced for a good career.


Marketing is a diverse aspect that requires very good language and research skills for any business to stay profitable in the competition. A marketing career entails conducting research on business trends and product and consumer habits in the market. This is done through collecting information by applying research skills and compiling the data into reports. These findings are shared by a market research analyst in a way that is easily understood by a client. Public relations and advertising are areas that work closely with the marketing section. Being in this field will also require excellent skills in language and research.


A librarian is a resource person to visitors especially in academic settings. Information needs to be on their fingertips on the different resource materials that the library has. As a librarian, you need to have good language skills because you are in constant communication with visitors. You also need to be resourceful not only in the material in your library but other external sources of information to take care of the needs of all that seek your help. The Internet has simplified and broadened information resourcing, and a good librarian will be well-informed on how to source information on the inter-webs besides the library materials.

A position in research requires a bachelor’s or advanced degree. This can be in communication, social science or business. Knowledge in statistics strengthens your chances of getting into one of these fields coupled with language proficiency and the ability to produce reports that are informative and tailored for the field you are in.

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