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4 Creative Ways to Beef up Your Resume

If you have been unlucky enough to not get any calls inviting you to interviews, then you must be doing something wrong with your résumé. It is supposed to be your selling point when job-hunting by highlighting your skills, qualifications, as well as work experience. The mistakes you make on your résumé may not necessarily be down to poor formatting, grammatical errors or typos. Injecting a bit of creativity when beefing up your résumé might be the anecdote to change your job seeking fortunes for the better.

1. Include foreign languages learned

A prospective employer is likely to gain interest in a job candidate whose résumé indicates that he is proficient in or is currently studying a foreign language. It shows the prospective employer that you are self-disciplined and you possess an insatiable desire to learn new things. Indicating that you are multilingual would also work for you especially if the hiring firm deals with clients from diverse cultural backgrounds. Having an employee like you on board would be a plus for the company because communicating with foreign clients in their own language makes a great first impression and creates rapport.

2. Indicate your social media popularity

In this age, social media has become important for many companies with regards to marketing their products and services to their target audience. If you are a social media junkie, note this on the résumé as it shows that you have social skills, which could be important in the workplace, especially when soliciting new clients. A prospective employer could also be interested in you if he finds out about your huge following on these networks. Showing this on your résumé impresses him because he stands a chance of reaching this following by employing you.

3. Highlight new knowledge earned

Knowledgeable workers are in vogue in many career fields. Business coach Debra Davenport advises job seekers to enroll for online courses or career training programs to boost their knowledge in various current issues in their fields. Employers value such job candidates because they present an asset to the company by transferring the skills acquired to the workplace. Brush your knowledge in sectors like technology, social media, leadership, budgeting, coaching, as well as global commerce. You could also list any skills acquired that are not related to your work such as photography.

4. Write it like a letter

Another way of infusing creativity into your résumé is by drafting it in a letter format where you brag about your career achievements thus far. You could then flip this letter into a draft résumé by removing the personal pronouns used as well as articles – ‘a’ and ‘an’. Also to be deleted are transition words, unless the meaning of the sentence would be distorted by their removal. This creative way of résumé writing is recommended by Donald Asher – a career advice professional – who dubs it a refreshing and personalized way of résumé writing.

The biggest mistake you can make on your résumé is to turn it into a segmented narrative about the job descriptions of past positions. Tailor your résumé to the job you are applying for by highlighting the skills, accomplishments and qualifications related to this career. Injecting creativity is an important part of the tailoring process.

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