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4 Entrepreneurs You Need to Follow

Entrepreneurs are leaders and influencers. If you want to become a successful entrepreneur, it is ideal for you to follow other successful entrepreneurs. By following them you learn more on what entrepreneurship means.

Following an entrepreneur goes beyond being a follower on Twitter or on Instagram. Actually following an entrepreneur in my opinion means you should observe, study and absorb yourself in what makes the entrepreneur successful and thick. Thank God for the internet as it has become easier to follow certain business leaders on a more intimate level.

Here is a list of four entrepreneurs you should start following to make you a better entrepreneur.

Richard Branson, Founder and CEO of Virgin Group

“If you don’t have time for the small things, you won’t have time for the big things” – Richard Branson

I am happy to have read his books and listened to his tapes. He always has something relevant to say on his social media platforms.

Why you should follow him? Richard Branson has successfully created more than 400 companies and is an expert in creating brands. He loves to inspire other entrepreneurs. Witty and an amazing personal charisma, he is one entrepreneur you should follow.

Scott Harrison, Founder and CEO of Charity Water

“I want to see a day where every single person on earth has access to clean and safe drinking water. I’ll keep fighting until we get there.” – Scott Harrison

His business model explains how you can do good acts for people while you also do business and make profits. His company, Charity Water has completed 13,075 water projects in 22 countries and provides clean water to 2,700 people per day.

Why should you follow him? Scott is a rare of example of an entrepreneur who knows how to be creative and logical at what he does. He has been able to lead over 100 employees/volunteers in New York City alone.

Jack Dorsey, Founder of Twitter and Chairman of Square

“My goal is to simplify complexity. I just want to build stuff that really simplifies our base human interaction.” – Jack Dorsey

The world is blessed to have entrepreneurs like Jack Dorsey. He is an entrepreneur who seeks to add value rather than just making profits.

Why should you follow him? He is a proponent of starting small as he started Square with just 10 employees and turned Square into a $3.2 billion dollar company. When you follow him you will be able to get an insight on how his mind works.

Guy Kawasaki, Author, Speaker and entrepreneur, (MD of Garage Technology Ventures)

"Great companies start because the founders want to change the world... not make a fast buck." - Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki is an experienced entrepreneur you should follow because the topics he writes about range from business to lifestyle.

Why you should follow him? He is original, humorous and his message can be easily digested. Whether on his personal blog or on his twitter page or reading his books, his experiences in entrepreneurship will be helpful to you.

I may have missed some entrepreneurs. I know there are a lot of entrepreneurs worth following out there. You can also share some names with us.


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