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4 Lessons From The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

If you haven’t heard of the special ice bucket challenge whether on Twitter or on Facebook you should check out the ALS association website and what the non-profit organization is about. It started in the American city of Boston and has become a worldwide sensation. So far, it has generated over 22.9 milllion dollars in donations so far. The challenge has earned support from CEOs, celebrities, athletes and politicians. But what can recruiters and business owners learn from the Ice bucket challenge?

#1 The Power of Social Media

The ALS challenge has proven that social media is a powerful marketing tool. The issue is not that the ALS challenge has taken full advantage of social media, it has also shown the power to impact. How much are recruiters taking advantage of social recruiting to enhance how an organization finds and vets candidates? Social recruiting has proven to improve candidate quality and to help recruiters to look beyond digital media.

#2 The Power of timing

No one would have thrown a bucket of ice water over his or her head in the middle of winter even it is for a worthy cause. The ALS challenge has worked because it was done in mid-summer when the weather is warm for such an occasion in most places. As a business owner the implementation of your ideas should be properly timed. The execution of an idea should depend on perfect timing.

#3 The Power of Referrals

There is a certain powerful call-to-action that kept the challenge going. The challenge invites a nominated participant to dump a bucket of ice water over their heads and donate to the ALS association. By urging participants to nominate another participant the challenge drove momentum. Involving business CEOs and celebrities only validated the relevance of the challenge and called others to participate.

When it comes to recruiting, an effective social recruiting could boost an employee’s referral by 33 percent. Many recruiters consider referrals as the best source for securing quality candidates. If social recruiting is performed at a high level it will be ideal for job seekers to connect friends and family to recruiters who have helped them.

 #4 The Power Of Simplicity

The greatest and most innovative ideas have simplicity as their tenets. In executing a business plan perhaps the simplest approach gives the best desired result. Imagine the Ice Bucket Challenge engaging participants in something funny and otherwise silly. This simple exercise of dumping a bucket of ice water over your head was enough to keep the excitement raging. People were willing to participate because it was not complicated yet amusing.

Obviously we have not heard the last of the bucket challenge. Still we can appreciate the effort the organizers have taken and learn from the social frenzy behind the challenge. If you haven’t participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge yet, you can still do so or make a donation to the cause. However learning and observing the challenge from a business angle could serve you better in the long term.


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