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4 Life Skills You Better Pick Up If You Want to Succeed at Work

How to use utensils to eat, how to tie your shoe, how to read warning signs and then how to ignore them are all life skills that we pick up while living.  There are certain life skills though that are a little more valuable than knowing in which social situations it’s not okay to make fart sounds with your mouth.

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Here are a few life skills you better pick up if you want to succeed at work.

1. Speaking

Yes, because making grunting noses while wildly gesturing isn’t something that’s going to get you a promotion. Not only do you need to communicate, you need to communicate effectively- I know, that’s a high order for you to fill. Lucky for you communication permeates every single small aspect of our lives, from the devices we carry in our pockets to the video games that we play in our leisure time. All you need is a little practice and to keep your hands in your pocket. If you can convey your idea without flapping your hands around like a drunken seagull, then you’re going to need a bit more practice.

2. Taking Responsibility

it's you

I know, you might’ve grown up in a den of thieves and deviants so your moral compass doesn’t always point true north, but in a work environment this can spell trouble. Even though you momma sat you down many times and said: “Look, no matter what, it’s not your fault, always pin it on the slowest guy in the group” the problem is that accountability is kind of a big deal for those that live in the eyes of the law or and in the workplace. Also, your mom’s advice about pin it on the slowest guy in the group, well you’re kind of that guy now so it wouldn’t even work.

3. Self-Management/ Time Management

time management

Another essential tool for success in the real world is self-management. You need to regulate your time, to complete daily tasks; most people pick up this skill in high-school (nerds) or later on in college. Taking into consideration that you’re an incurable man-child though, this might be a life skill you’ll want to brush up on. Knowing how much time to dedicate to each of the day’s tasks and what to prioritize is definitely an attribute that is appreciated in the business world. You don’t want to spent most of the day trying to choose the perfect font (comic sans is always a great choice in a pinch) only to forget the meeting with clients.  

4. People Skills

team work

Being polite, interesting and jovial isn’t something everybody can do, but with a little bit of practice you too can become the belle of the ball. Joking aside though, people skills can help you establish professional relationships, network and communicate within your team. Most people start a little behind natural extroverts and then there’s you. You drool when you eat, spit when you speak and smell strangely like hamburgers. Why do you smell like hamburgers? You’re a vegetarian!

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Are there any other life skills that you think are helpful in workplace? Let us know in the comment section below.

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